A Tale of Two Pizzas

Last week, I showed you how an Egg excels at low and slow with my brisket cook. The Egg also shines in high temp cooks and one of the best ways to demonstrate that is with pizza. Pizza has become one of our staple cooks ever since we got the Egg and we like to cook our around 650F….hotter than most household ovens or grills can achieve. After you have a pizza off the Egg, you won’t get delivery again.

Ever since a good buddy/arch nemesis of mine who goes by the name Dyal posted up pics of a Buffalo Chicken Pizza back in July on The Barbecue Bible, I have been wanting to try to recreate his masterpiece. I mean seriously…..wings….and pizza….together? Pure genius! (Even if he didn’t come up with it by himself.) So last night we decided to do pizza and this was my chance to do my own version of Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

First, we had to start by grilling up some chicken.

The Raws
Seasoned up simply and thrown on the Egg at 400 until done, about 8 minutes.
Ready for slicing and topping
Next up, it was time to get out the “stuff” to make my pizza. Usually, we make our own pizza dough. (We have a great recipe that is done in a bread machine if anybody wants it, takes out all the work of kneading the dough by hand.) Recently, I saw somebody else post that they had good results using the Tom Thumb/Safeway Select ready-made dough, so I thought we’d give it a chance. Not to expensive at under $2.00 a bag.
Garlic and Herb for Stacie, Regular for Mine
The rest of my ingredients consist of Frank’s Wing Sauce (which I usually make by myself, took another shortcut), bleu cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan, romano and Asiago cheese and some home-made ranch (not pictured)
Raws for Buffalo Chicken Pizza
After rolling out the dough, I spread on a mixture of ranch and wing sauce. I don’t have any measurements for that, just do it to taste. I would suggest that you do not make it too spicy as more heat will be added later.
Member that chicken we cooked? After you slice it, toss it in some wing sauce and add to the pizza along with some bleu cheese. Go easy on the bleu cheese. It’s kind of strong. I think I actually added to much.
Chicken and Cheese
Next top with the remainder of your cheese and add some extra wing sauce if you like it spicy.
Ready to grill
We preheated our Egg to 650 and set it up for pizzas, allowing our pizza stone 30 minutes to come up to temperature. Then we threw it on the Egg for about 8 minutes.
Cooking away
When it’s almost done, brush a little olive oil on the crust to give it a nice, golden brown color.
Almost done
Crust shot
Crust shot
Not to be outdone by me, Stacie made her own pie. My lovely wife doesn’t usually make traditional pizzas either. Tonight, hers consisted of an alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, spinach, ‘shrooms and black olives.
Stacie's pie pre-cooked
Getting happy on the Egg
Eggin' Away
Finished pie
It's not delivery and it sure ain't DiGorno!
I think both pies turned out great (although Stacie would disagree, she didn’t care for mine at all.) The Tom Thumb brand dough worked out really well. It had more of a rise during the cook and turned out a nice chewy crust that was quite enjoyable. I would use it again if I didn’t have the time or energy to make my own. I liked my pizza, but learned a few things. Cut back on the bleu cheese….I added way too much. Use my own wing sauce. I found the store-bought one had too much of a vinegary (is that a word?) taste. Maybe next time I’ll add some bacon…..
Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment or some feedback as I’m always looking for ways to improve my posts.

15 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Pizzas

  1. Looks great, Grif! I like the idea of mixing the Ranch with the Wing Sauce. I find some brands of blue cheeses too strong as well…especially store bought blue cheese salad dressings. Great write up! And BTW, Stacie’s pizza looks incredible…way better than yours. 😉 I think I will try that next time.

    1. And there’s my arch nemesis…Dyal!! Someday, we will meet up and have a cook off….or a fish off for that dollar you are always talking about…or maybe a dove hunt? My shotgun is recently cleaned and ready to go.

      I think the ranch and wing sauce went well together, but then again, I’m a wing and ranch guy, not bleu cheese. I put way too much bleu cheese pizza, even though I took plenty of taste testings before it went on. 😉

      Come down to Dallas and Stacie and I will cook you and your better half a few pizzas and let y’all be the judge.

  2. Homemade pizza is the best. I make it like once a week. In fact, I’m making some tonight. Both yours and your wife’s look creative and tasty–although I admit, I’d probably prefer hers (personal preference). Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Was that parchment paper under the pizza at first?? We just bought a BGE and were trying to figure out how to put a fully made pizza on to the hot stone… we finally did the floured plastic cutting board and slid it off… we weren’t sure how others were doing it though.

    1. Yes, we like to assemble our pizzas on parchment paper and then just slide them onto the hot pizza stone. After 2 or 3 minutes, I’ll grab a corner of the parchment paper with my tongs and then slide it out from underneath. To me, its just the easiest way I’ve found to transfer them. Give it a shot next time.

  4. Grif, I got some fresh mushrooms today. Thinking about a pesto chicken mushroom pizza. I hate baking I searched high and low in Safeway for that dough. Can’t find it anywhere!

  5. Man, I thought I replied to this on my phone. Guess it didn’t go through. Try asking the people at the deli section about it. They ususally use it themselves to make and sell their own pizza. If not, I use a recipe from The Nakid Whiz’s website, its super easy and you can make it in a bread machine. Just through all the ingredients in and hit the dough cycle.

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