Christmas Came Early

Christmas Came Early

I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve never had to spend time away from my family on Christmas. But with marriage comes change and compromise and new traditions. This year, we spent Thanksgiving with my parents so it is only fair that we go to her parents for Christmas, which I am really looking forward to (Maybe someday they will have to come to us for holidays). So last night, we celebrated an early Christmas with my parents. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful and caring parents.  And man did they outdo themselves this year.

Dizzy Pig Rubs

 First off we have two new to me rubs from Dizzy Pig, Cow Lick Steak Rub and Raising the Steaks (which would be like a Montreal steak seasoning). Pretty excited to get into these and try them out.

Coffee Grinder/Spice Grinder

 I also got a Coffee and Spice grinder so I can grind up my own spices for making fresh rubs.

Auber Pit Controller

 If you have even a bit of techno geek in you, you would probably be pretty stoked about getting an Auber Pit Controller. This device monitors the internal temperature of your smoker, in this case my Egg. You program it to maintain a certain temperature. When the device detects a drop in temperature, it turns on a fan that covers your intake, directing air into the pit which stokes the fire and raises the temperature. When smoker returns to the programmed temperature, the fan shuts off. Pretty nifty little device and it will allow me to cook brisket and butts overnight and allow me to get some worry free sleep. Can’t wait to try it out. A full review of it can be found on The Naked Whiz’s Website here

Meat Grinder/Sausage Stuffer

 My last big gift was a meat grinder/sausage stuffer. I’ve been wanting one of these for years. Mrs. G and I love sausage and this will allow us to experiment making our own and give us control over what is in the sausage. It will also allow us to buy our own meat and grind up for hamburger so we know what is in it and control the amount of fat.  So it’s not just a cool gadget to have, but allows us to eat healthier. If any of you have any good sausage recipes, I would love it if you could share them with us.

The one other gift that isn’t pictured is a copy of “Mastering the Craft of Making Sausage” by Warren R. Anderson which hadn’t come in yet. That should give us a good start in making some home-made sausage.

So all in all, I’m really excited about some of the upcoming cooks we will be having in the new year, but more importantly, we were glad to get to spend one more Christmas with my family and to celebrate the reason for the season. We are truly blessed to have such loving parents and my brother. Don’t forget while putting up with the masses at the mall, the stress over the perfect gifts and perfect dinner and all the giving and receiving of the presents, what the true meaning behind Christmas is all about.

Wishing all of you out there a Merry Christmas and may you all be blessed in the coming year.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early

  1. Wow, you’ve already had a great Christmas and it hasn’t even gotten here. I’ve been eyeing up that same meat grinder, so I’ll be interested in hearing your review on that and the book as soon as you get into them.

    Lots of great stuff there!

  2. Definitely some great items! I can tell you that you will get a lot of use out of the meat grinder, my husband has had one for years (not that brand though) and loves it. The pit controller is something I may look into for my husband next year. Enjoy this season with all of your wonderful gifts.

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