Christmas Prime Rib and Leftovers

Jolly Santa

      Is it me, or did the Christmas Holidays seem to fly by this year? Haven’t posted anything new lately because we’ve been so busy and I really haven’t cooked anything. Mrs. G and I did cook a prime rib on Christmas Day at her parents’ house, but it was in the oven, not on the Egg (which just motivated us to want to do one on the Egg more)

Prime Rib (bad cellphone pic, sorry)

 It weighed in a little bit over 6 pounds and had 3 bones.

Prime Rib

 But that’s not the real reason I’m writing this post. I’m writing it about what to do with the leftover bones. Now, I don’t know what you do with them. Heck, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them considering this was my first prime rib. Maybe you eat gnaw on them right there at the dinner. Maybe you give them to your dogs (mine aren’t that lucky). I decided I wanted to get some smoke on them and maybe cook down a bit more of that fat.

I set up my Egg for an indirect cook at 250 and added some apple wood chips for some smoke. While the Egg was getting ready, I coated the portions of the ribs that had not been seasoned during the original cook and added some Dizzy Pig Cow Lick Rub.  When the smoker was ready, I placed the ribs on the Egg for about 2 hours so that they could absorb some smoke flavor and build up a nice crust.


 I should have taken some pre-smoked pictures so you could tell the difference. But as you can see, the meat pulled back from the edges of the rib and we developed a nice crust.


 Knowing that 3 ribs was not going to feed Mrs. G and me for dinner, I also smoked up some sausage and we had a side of pasta to go along with it. I think it turned out real well. This was my first time using the DP Cow Lick (as I got it for Christmas) and I can’t wait to try it on some steak or a nice flat-iron or flank steak. The only thing I regret is when I trimmed the ribs off the prime rib, I wish I would have left some more meat on the bones. Oh well, live and learn and I know next time I will.


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