New Year’s @ The Ranch, Part 2

     Sunday at the ranch seemed a bit quieter than the day before. Partially due to the previous night’s festivities and partially because some people had to leave to get back for work on Monday (so we lost 4 adults and 2 kids). But the fun was not yet over for those who remained.

     Doug, my F-I-Law, put Eric and me to work the next day gathering and splitting wood for the fire pit and for the grill. Not a big deal, I figure helping out is the least I can do for allowing us to hang out. After that was accomplished, it was time to fire up the smoker for some ribs.

My old smoker .

     Some of you may recognize my old smoker. Had this for many years before I got an Egg. Put out plenty of good bbq on it, too. Just takes a whole lot more work than the Egg does.

Ribs on

     These were baby back ribs that got slathered in mustard (helps create that bark and keeps the rub stuck on) and then rubbed down with Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Dust. Notice that half a potato I have a temp probe stuck in? I lost the clip that usually attaches it to the the grid and had to MacGyver it up! Worked out pretty well….although I would say the potato was past well done.

     While the ribs were smoking away, it was time to pull out my new Mossberg ATR .270 and see what we could do with it. This was only the second time I had shot it, the prior day I had put 3 rounds through it. This time I put another 3 rounds through it, my wife and cousin both shot 3 from what we “agreed” was about 50 yards away (I still think it was farther). I marked mine with a “J”. Not too shabby for a gun that was only bore sighted at the store 

Target Practice

     Back to the food. After the ribs had been on for about 2.5 hrs, I took them off, wrapped them in foil along with some beer, and put them back on the smoker to continue cooking. I also fired up the pit for some chicken. We had two bone in chicken breasts and 6 chicken quarters that I rubbed down with Cluck and Squeal (nice rub out of Canada that is made by some very nice folks) and they went over our mesquite fire.

Chickens on the grill

    The chicken took longer than I thought it would and had to be shuffled around to keep it from burning due to flare ups. Was quite a workout, but it was well worth the effort.

Chicken's done

       The ribs ended up being done at pretty much the same time as the chicken.

Ribs are done

     All this was served up with some of my M-I-Laws home-made potato salad and a big ole pot of pinto beans. Once again, no plated up pics as we were starving by this point, but just from the meat alone you can tell we eat good while we are down on the ranch.

     We had a really great time celebrating New Years with friends and family down at the ranch, many unforgettable new memories, but Monday morning came and it was time to pack up and head back to the Big D. Can’t wait to get back down there again.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s @ The Ranch, Part 2

  1. Great post Jason
    Looks like a great time at the ranch.
    Amazing job on the chicken,
    takes some skill to pull that one off
    on an open pit
    Hope I am never in your crosshairs 🙂


  2. Great lookin’ grub, Griffen! 😉 Nice shootin’, too! Looks like y’all had a whole lotta fun! Can’t believe the holidays are over though. 😦 11.75 more months until next Christmas break.

  3. Most definitely! And if you’re ever in South Carolina, you know where you can hang your hat. Even if it does “bear” a Baylor logo….;) Funny thing, I’ve never been to TX before, but I’ll most likely be there 3 x this year… Just found out I’ll be in Austin on a business trip this June or July…can’t remember the exact date. I’ll also be in San Antonio on another business trip within the next few months. And finally, my wife’s cousin hasn’t proposed to his fiance “yet”….but we’re getting vibes that it will be soon….;)….that will probably be held in the Houston area.

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