Papa Murphy’s Pizza On The Big Green Egg

     Ok, ok, I cheated last night. I bought a pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I’ve made plenty of home-made pizzas before, whipping up my own dough, making my own sauce (which still needs tweaking), and firing it on the Egg. But I didn’t have the time for that last night. There were a few factors leading up to getting a pizza from Papa Murphy’s

  1. Yesterday afternoon, I was stuck at home with the landlord who was trying to fix my thermostat. Good news – my heater isn’t stuck “on” anymore and the house isn’t 86F. Bad news – no heat last night. Don’t worry, we’re fine.
  2. After he left, I went to Tom Thumb to get wings to cook, they were out.
  3. Back up plan – pizza. No time to make my from scratch dough, Tom Thumb was out of there pre-made dough. Wasn’t going to order from Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.

     I’ve read about people doing pizza on the Egg, I had just never done one myself, so I figured why not? Worse thing if I ruin it is I toss it and run out a get a burger or something.

Papa Murphy’s Meat deLite

      When Mrs. G is home, we generally have to get some type of veggie on our pizzas. But since she was out of town, all meat it was. I did decide to go with a pizza off their deLite menu, partially because it is supposed to have 40% fewer calories and 30% less fat (hey, it’s a New Year’s thing, cut me some slack) and partially because I thought a thin crust would cook up better.

     To cook the pizza, I got my egg stabilized at 450F, with the placesetter legs down and my pizza stone on top of that supported by the 3 green feet that come with the Egg. I then let all that heat up for 30 minutes as pizza stones take a while to warm up. When it was ready, I placed the pizza on the stone still on the paper tray it comes on. I let that cook for about 5 minutes and then gave it a spin 180 deg to cook evenly. I let it go about another 3 minutes and then carefully slid the paper tray out from under the pizza.

Pizza on the Egg

  I then let it go for about another 6-8 minutes, increasing the temperature to 500F. I’d say 6-8 minutes, but keep checking it through the vent at the top of the Egg every 2 minutes until it looks like your toppings are cooked the way you want them. I like my cheese to start to brown up some before I pull it.


      I was a bit surprised at the crust. I was expecting it to be a bit more crispy than it was. I think next time, I might slide it off the tray a few minutes earlier so that the extra time in contact with the pizza stone will crisp it up.


   At this point, I was so hungry, I had to take a bite before fixing a plate and going to watch tv.

Slice of pizza

      All in all, it wasn’t a bad pizza. It sure beats a frozen pizza or one of the larger chains any day. The pizza takes on a nice hint of smokey flavor and you can almost imagine somebody cooked it for you on a wood burning pizza oven. Was it as good as mine? Nah, I don’t think so, but if I don’t have time to make the dough, it will do in a pinch.

****BTW – Papa Murphy’s does have instructions on their website on how to cook your pizza on a gas grill, charcoal grill or a pellet grill in case you don’t have a BGE.

4 thoughts on “Papa Murphy’s Pizza On The Big Green Egg

  1. Looks really good. I don’t have a Papa Murphy’s in my area. Never heard of it until today. Sam’s Club has some pretty good pre-made pizza though. I’ve thought about putting one of those on my BGE before.

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