BLTs on Home-made Bread

Home-made Bread

 Sometimes simple is better, and sometimes its nice to have a classic. It is classic after all. And what’s more classic than a BLT? To make it a little more “special” though, a little more “fancy“, I decided to make up some fresh home-made bread for these BLTs. I love the way the aroma of fresh baking bread fills the house. Before I could make my BLTs, I had to sample a slice of warm bread with a bit of butter first.

Home-made Bread With Butter

 Nothing beats warm, fresh bread with a bit of butter. After that, we assembled our BLTs and warmed up a little bit of Italian Sausage Soup (which can be found on this blog as well). This meal hit the spot. A classic is a classic for a reason.

Dinner is served

5 thoughts on “BLTs on Home-made Bread

    1. No, sorry. That was done in a bread machine. I’ve been wanting to try bread on the Egg. Mrs. G doesn’t eat a lot of bread, so I kinda feel that it would be a waste to just make bread for me. Would probably go bad before I ate it all. But it’s still on my bucket list.

  1. One of my favorite things in the world is a good BLT especially if it has fresh produce and homemade bread. LOVE IT! Your BLT look wonderful!

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