Red Eye Express Pork Tenderloin

Dizzy's Red Eye Express Pork Tenderloin

     My brother (who from now on will be called GM), came over last night to exchange cars with my wife as she was going to need a truck for work today. Since he was nice enough to let her borrow his truck, I decided I’d go ahead and feed him some dinner. A quick run to  the fridge and I saw that I had a pork tenderloin defrosted. Perfect! Quick and healthy cook. More digging around in the fridge and pantry resulted in some sides and I didn’t need to go to the store…even better!

     After rummaging around my spice rack, I came across Dizzy’s Red Eye Express, a coffee-infused BBQ rub. The label says, “While this rub has quite a bit of pepper, coffee is the theme. Aromatic spices, herbs and a variety of chilies round out the final result…a rich rub that works nicely with beef, lamb, poultry and pork.” I’ve tried this rub on steaks before and really loved the results, but I’ve never tried it on pork before. Seeing as how my brother had bought this rub for me as a present and had never tasted it, it seemed like the perfect rub for tonight. So I rubbed the tenderloin down and went out to fire up the Egg and get it ready for a 400F direct cook.

Tenderloin on the Egg

      While the tenderloin went on to cook for about 20 minutes, my wife sliced up some zucchini and squash, seasoned them up and skewered them on a Fire Wire (which is a flexible skewer). I let the vegetables cook for about 10 minutes, just enough to get heated up and a little char, but not overdone or mushy. As for the pork, always cook to temp, not time. USDA now recommends cooking pork to 145F with a 3 minute rest afterwards. How pink you can stand your pork is up to you…. we pulled at 145F tonight and thought it was much better than the previous tenderloin cook where we pulled it at 140F.


      Tonight’s dinner was plated up with some grilled zucchini and squash, stuffing and a salad. The flavors and textures complimented each other and the pork nicely (as did the Turkey 😉 ), but I knew I had nailed it when there was not a voice to be heard as we all dug into our meal. I do believe I heard my brother say that was the best pork tenderloin he had ever eaten.

Plated Up

 Now its got me thinking… would this work on a pork butt or maybe some ribs?  Hmmm….think I might just have to experiment.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion.


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