I’ve been Liebster’ed

Hey Y’all,

Christine , a fellow blogger at Texanaskitchen  awarded me with The Liebster Award for being one of her top 5 favorite new blogs.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to recieve this, especially from somebody who I follow and admire so much! I was in total shock and sat stunned in front of my computer for probably 5 minutes before I was even able to respond in any type of way and share the news with Mrs. G. 


The Liebster Award originated fromGermanyand it means “favourite, beloved, dearest”.  

The rules are: 

1) Show thanks to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to her blog.

2) Pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers and let them know about your nomination by leaving a comment on their blog, and 

3) Post the award on your blog!


I am not sure how many followers most bloggers have (and I know some of them well over 200), but I am awarding my top five to my favorite bloggers in general. I had a hard time coming up with this list, trying to find blogs that I liked who had not yet received this award, when I realized that you can get this award multiple times. So some of my picks are not first time winnners, but in fact have won this before.

My 5 nominees (in no particular order):

The Unorthodox Epicure – A fellow Texan, Adam the aspiring food snob,  whose posts are both insightful and hillarious. Always has me laughing.

Juanita’s Cocina – Another fellow Texan, Jen (OK I promise I won’t pick only Texans), whose post remind me of growing up in South Texas. I promise I will try and duplicate your tortillas.

The Posh Latin Cook – I believe Elena is a fairly new blogger with roots in both Puerto Rico and New York. Can’t wait to see more of what she comes up with.

Necessary Indulgences – Kristi over at Necessary Indulgences. Had to include a fellow Egghead (somebody who owns a Big Green Egg and is obsessed with cooking on it for those who don’t know). Not to mention her travel pictures are stunning.

Kristianne over at My San Francisco Kitchen – you had me with your Chocolate Surprise Peanut Butter Cookies. I don’t normally do much baking, but these I have to try. Also love the photography here.

Make sure to go and check out their blogs and leave them a comment letting them know what you think.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

10 thoughts on “I’ve been Liebster’ed

  1. You are worthy of at least 5 more of those Liebsters … Not to mention, a shout out from the company that makes the Green Egg. I’ve heard about that thing, and have even seen it. But no one, to my knowledge, has done more to promote and educate that style of cooking. Kudos, my new friend. You and Christine are among my favorite bloggers, and that’s mainly because you are real. (I especially like that you always include an alcoholic beverage in the food picture.) We need to get together. I can show you how to cook on a two-ton (literally) custom smoker/grill combo; and you can give us an in-person demo on that Green Egg. I’ll provide the Falstaff Beer (or Sam Adams, if you prefer).

    1. Thank you very much, Sir! I do like Christine’s blog, one of my favs. There is a bottle of something hidden in today’s post. See if you can spot it. Ok, it’s not hidden that well. I’m all down for a BBQ Throwdown, think it would be fun, but I’m a Texas boy….bring Lonestar or Shiner.

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