Family Dinner – Ribeyes's what's for dinner!

      Friday night, we had a little family dinner over at my parents house. Momma G had bought some lovely ribeyes for the occasion. Knowing what was going to come, I came armed with a batch of spices so that everybody could flavor up their own steaks. When my Mom pulled the 6 steaks out of the fridge, all of our eyes widened in surprise. These things were huge! Everybody quickly agreed that they would not be able to eat a whole one and we decided that I would only grill up 3 of them and we would split them. Doc G, Mrs. G, Brother G and his girlfriend all decided that they want the Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express (which is a coffee infused BBQ rub) and Momma G and I decided on Dizzy Pig Raising the Steaks ( a Canadian style rub based on Montreal Steak Seasoning).

My Old Gas Grill

 Friday night’s dinner was not to be cooked on a Big Green Egg. Instead, we fired up my old gas grill. I got this gas grill way back in 2006 and it served me well for many years, but soon after I got my BGE, we quit using it. In fact, for a long time I  used it to store charcoal and bbq accessories. Last year, it made the journey over to my parents house as their old gas grill was falling apart and I figured it would get more (any) use. So we fired her up and set the burners on high and let it preheat for about 5 minutes.

Steaks on!

 One thing I will admit, although I do love my Big Green Egg, I do miss all the square footage this grill had to offer. And it was nice to just turn some dials to get it fired up and be ready to cook in 5 minutes.

Halfway done

 When set on high, steaks don’t take long to cook on this grill. I think they went about 4 minutes per side, turning them 90 after 2 minutes to get those nice sear marks.

Doc G and Mrs G

 Doc G and Mrs G watched on and kept me company during this cook as they enjoyed a glass of wine.


 Momma G baked some potatoes and served a nice salad to go along with this meal. Perfect accompaniments to a steak dinner.

Relaxing after dinner

 Left to right we have Momma G, Mrs G, Brother G, his girlfriend (? Not quite sure if that term is being used yet) and Doc G. All in all, we had a relaxing and quiet evening with a few bottles of wine. Always nice to spend time with the family. Hope everybody had a great weekend.

15 thoughts on “Family Dinner – Ribeyes

  1. Great job, Mr. G! 🙂 Way to please the G family! 🙂 I still need to try the Raise the Steaks rub. One of the few I haven’t tried yet.

  2. What? You didn’t want to load the Egg up (all 3,472 lbs of it) and haul it over there?

    Seems like a very nice night and great grub of course. Grilled ribeyes are the king of the grill.

  3. Looks great…the only way I cook mine is in my cast iron skillet. I pre-heat the oevn to 500°, with the cask iron skillet in the oven while it is pre-heating. When it gets to 500°, take the cast iron skillet out of the oven and leave the oven on 500°. Now turn the largest buerner on your stove top to HIGH. Then brush both sides of the steak with a little EVOO and then add some sea salt and cracked black pepper to each side of your steak as well. Now take each steak and let them sit on each side, in the VERY hot cast iron skillet for at least a minute on each side. It WILL get smokey inside your house, so be prepared (I have my Shop Vac just for this purpose as it sucks!) for that! Then, keep the steaks and pop them in the oven that is still 500°. Let them go for about 2-3 minutes on each side (depends on course on how you like your cow – I like mine dead, but not mooing) and you will have the best steak of your life! Then I learned a trick from Alton Brown (one of my man crushes, and I am okay with admitting that)…most people will put some butter on top of the steak as soon as they are done cokking it. Well, Alton says to get a small plate, like a coffee sauce, and turn it upside down on to the top of another plate or large dish. Then place the steaks on top of the small sauce (that is turned upside down) and then add butter to the top of it. Why do this? It allows the butter to absorb into the steak, but most of it will roll off and puddle in the larger dish and NOt at the bottom of your steak that you just worked so hard at creating a nice sear/crust on…he is a genius, I just follow hiw word and am now genius. I never do steaks any other way now and they always turn out perfect, with a perfect sear/crust. Enjoy, and if you try this method out, let me know your thoughts…

    1. I’m sure that is a great method to cook a steak inside. If you are an Alton Brown fan, google Alton Brown Porterhouse Video and watch the one where he cooks a Dryaged Porterhouse underneath a chimney starter. I haven’t tried it,but it sure is interesting.

  4. I saw that one and it fascinates me but I don’t have the courage to do it….lol. Once day soon though…

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