Scotch Eggs

     Somehow I almost forgot to post up about my breakfast Saturday. Not sure how that happened. Guess I’ve just had a lot of posts this week. Anyway, been seeing a lot of buzz on The Smoke Ring about Scotch Eggs and I thought I had to try them. Of course, this version was going to be smoked rather than breaded and fried.

Boiling the Eggs


  • 4 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 lb of breakfast sausage
  • favorite bbq rub

Start off by boiling 4 eggs. Then add 1 tsp of your favorite rub to the sausage and mix well.

Add Seasonings

I did all this the night prior. After mixing in the seasonings, I placed it in the refrigerator overnight so the flavors would incorporate. In the morning, divide the sausage into four equal parts. Take the sausage and wrap around your hard-boiled egg. Give then a good dusting of your favorite rub and then put them onto a grill set up indirectly at 350F.

On to the Egg

For smoke, I used a mixture of cherry wood chips and a chunk of pecan. I think I might have actually used to much, as sausage absorbs smoke pretty easily.

About halfway done


Honestly, I can’t say how long these took to cook. Somewhere around 30 minutes. I pulled them off when the temperature of the sausage reached 160F.



 I let these rest for about 5 minutes to give them a chance to cool down and let me tell you that was hard to do.


 I can’t begin to explain how good these were. I might have given them a little too much of the Hell From Texas rub as they had quite a kick to them, just on the border of where I like my heat, especially first thing in the morning. I’ll be doing them again, but I think I’ll skip adding any rub to them the night before and trying out other rubs. Hope you enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs

  1. Darn right I enjoy! I love Scotch Eggs. Now you’ve given me hope in creating a version that won’t give me an immediate heart attack. Most people don’t know how difficult it is to cook that egg to the point that you have – soft boiled – and keep it that way as everything else cooks. Outstanding job.

  2. *sigh* Today my lunch is PB&J and a side salad. This would be much, much better.

    I’ve never had a Scotch egg because I’ve always been afraid of the contrast of textures, but now that I’ve seen these, I’m totally making them.

    Once again, J, FANTASTIC work!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I’ve never made them before either. I know the original way to make them is to fry them, but I thought I’d change it up. BTW, I only ate one before I was full. My lunch will be that Lean Cuisine that I never had time to eat yesterday.

  3. Nice! A friend of mine and her boyfriend just made these. She was telling me how good they were. Never heard of them until recently. Great job!

  4. What a great idea!! We are getting ready to open a bed and breakfast on a very historic property in Virginia. I was the birthplace of James Madison. So I am on the lookout for some really good ideas! Thanks for the great post!

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