Like a kid with a new toy, I had to break out the wok again last night (what am I saying? I am a kid with a new toy). It went so well the other night, we just had to have stir fry again last night. 

Mise En Place

      We did make a few changes, though. This time we used shrimp as our only protein, omitting the chicken we used last time. The veggies were changed up a bit. I also doctored up the sauce a tad. If you remember the Brown Garlic Sauce from last time, you’ll remember that I thought it was a little bland. Well we still had about half of it left. I took it and added about 2 tsp of Chili Garlic Sauce,  1/4 tsp red chili peppers and some more white pepper to give it a little more kick.

Chili Garlic Sauce

      I may not have made it clear the other day what a Spider is. It’s an accessory made by Tom at The Ceramic Grill Store, that an addition to many other functions, holds a wok allowing you to stir fry on your BGE. You can use it either two ways, legs up which allows you to wok closer to the coals or legs down which elevates it somewhat. I have found that for me, it’s easier to use it legs down, as I can hold the handle of the wok more easily and move the food around.

Setup for the wok on a BGE, Spider legs down

      We lit the Egg and got it stabilized at 450F (50F hotter than the other night). When the wok was good and hot, we added the peanut oil and let that come up to temp for a few minutes and then added in our first batch of veggies.

Red Onions, Red Bell Peppers and Jalapenos

      After letting those cook for a few minutes, we added in the next batch.

Baby Corn

      Love baby corn. How come the only time you really ever see it is in Asian foods? Few more minutes and we were ready for the last of the veggies.

Bamboo Shoots and Carrots

       The bamboo shoots and carrots were allowed to cook for a few minutes and then we added two heaping spoonfuls on the brown garlic sauce and the shrimp.  Unfortunately, this is where the camera died!! Horror of horrors. I tried to get a picture or two with my phone camera, but it just wouldn’t come out right with the low light conditions and then the brightness of the coals. :(  At this point I was ready to throw the towel in figuring there was no way this could be a blog post without a final picture. So frustrating. We came inside and I took a few more pics with my cell phone, hoping against hope that at least one would be salvageable,but with a grim outlook.

Final Pic

      I should have uploaded this picture at home and tried to correct it there, but I got busy. This morning I came to work, and using our brokety-down ole computers that the city gave us with the outdated software, this was the best I was able correct it. Lesson learned…get a back up battery. Wait…we have a back up battery :)…but it won’t hold a charge.😦 Ok, get a back up, back up battery!:)

     I think our second attempt was even better than the first. The sauce was no longer bland, but had some nice heat, almost bordering on too much. The veggies I think benefitted from a higher temp and shorter cooking time (next time we go 500F!) I served mine up with brown rice, so all in all it was a very healthy meal.  Really happy that we got a wok. I don’t think we will be ordering out for chinese much anymore. next up…maybe Szechuan…or Kung Pao….