Some Pizza Pies in Honor of Pi Day

     Yesterday was Pi Day. No, not that kind of pie. Pi. As in 22/7. As in 3.142857 and so on. Guess a bunch of nerds (I can call them that cuz I am one 😉 ) got together and decided March 14 (3/14) would be the perfect day to celebrate it. So in order to honor it in our own little way, we made some pizza pies since we aren’t into baking or desserts really. You can believe that, or you can just go ahead and believe pizza was already on the menu.

     Me, I’m pretty traditional when it comes to pizza. Give me pepperoni and I’m a happy guy. Make it all meat and I’ll be your best friend. So I just kept it simple last night. The dough we picked up from Tom Thumb (aka Safeway or Randall’s in some party of the country) since I had a doctor’s appointment after work and didn’t have time to make it from scratch. The sauce was Buitoni’s Marinara Sauce that can be found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.


     That’s not nearly enough cheese, is it?

More Cheese!

     My lovely wife, Mrs. G, gets a bit more creative when it comes to pizza. She likes to have those vegetable things on hers. Mushrooms are a must. Last night, she went with an Alfredo sauce, some chicken, mushrooms and artichoke hearts.

Mrs. G's Pizza

     The pizza’s went on to a 550F stabilized Egg with the placesetter legs down, 3 little green feet as spacers and then the BGE pizza stone.

     Mrs. G’s pizza took about 16 minutes to cook.

Done after 16 minutes

     Mine took about 10 as I rolled out my crust a little thinner and had less toppings. I somehow didn’t manage to get a picture of mine inside, the last picture I have is right before I pulled it off the Egg.

Pepperoni is done

     Even before we got the Egg, grilled pizza has been one of our favorite cooks. It’s way better than delivery and it has that taste of being fired in a wood burning oven. It just can’t be beat. Think I’ll go eat one of those remaining slices now.  Ciao!

12 thoughts on “Some Pizza Pies in Honor of Pi Day

  1. hehe, My daughter was one of those nerds yesterday. They even had an contest at school. For the last few days all I have been hearing her do is chant numbers (I have to admit I didn’t know what she was doing and I was contemplating on calling a shrink)

    Ah! Pi!

    On the pizza… Mr G, I loved Mrs. G pizza the best. I’m a veggie pizza kinda gal. Must be a girl thing. :/

    Now, there is a brand “Ecco La Pasta” You can order online from them. They sell an amazing instant pizza dough. It’s good to keep in hand for days like this. The dough rises extremely fast. It’s organic and gluten free. All that and it’s super delicious! You should try it.


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