Everything tastes better with a kiss of fire

Hey! It’s me! I’m still alive. Hope you weren’t getting worried about the lack of posts. I’m a little bit embarrassed that it has been almost 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything. That’s kind of a long time for us, but I do have some excellent good reasons.

  1. For starters, my allergies (I’m guessing its allergies, I’ve never really had any problems with allergies since I was a kid) have been killing me. I’ve felt just down right crappy not feeling good. They say its going to be a horrible year, at least in Texas, for those suffering with allergies.
  2. Some of my recent cooks just have not been photo worthy, or the photos didn’t come out well enough to bother with.
  3. Some of the stuff we’ve been putting out is just good ole regular food and not worth posting about.
  4. We’ve been having battery issues. For some reason, the rechargeable batteries would not hold a charge or take a charge at all. I think I figured this one out. Turns out it was the charger, not the batteries, so we’re good to go.
  5. And the most important….I’ve just been kind of Burned Out on the whole cooking thing. What with the blog itself, four separate barbecue forums I’m on, FoodBuzz, searching out new recipes and keeping track of my favorite bloggers, I just didn’t feel like cooking at the end of the day. The best advice I got was from the guys on The Barbecue Bible. “If you are feeling burned out, quit cooking. Forcing yourself to cook will only make it worse” So that is what I did. Luckily, I have an understanding wife. She cooked some dinners, we ordered some take out, we went out to eat and I just tried to stay away from cooking. Well, I’m feeling the urge to cook again, so get ready for some new things coming your way.

So back on topic….I was rooting around the freezer Monday looking for something to cook this week, when I came across some long forgotten steaks. That sounded like a good idea so I set them out to thaw. It wasn’t until later on that I remembered why I had forgotten them….they aren’t the best quality steaks. One day when I was coming home from the grocery store, a young man helped me carry my groceries from the Jeep to the front door. Kind of an odd thing to do….and then he proceeded to try to sell me some frozen steaks out of the back of his food truck. I kept telling him that what he wanted was too much and I wasn’t interested, and he kept dropping the price. It finally got to an outrageously low price, so what the hell? I bought a few “rib-eyes” and “strip” steaks. At least that’s what he claims they were. To this day, I’m not sure what cuts of beef they are, as they do not really resemble what he claimed. They say “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and they are right. My other piece of advice, don’t buy frozen meat off the back of a truck. Not that the steaks are/were horrible, I just enjoy better quality.

To season these up, we decided to go with a rub out of Montana. Now, most of our steaks don’t get fancy rubs, salt and pepper works for most, especially if they are good quality. But this steak needed a bit of extra help. I have an Aunt in Wyoming and either she gave me the rub, or my parents brought it back last time they went to visit. Sorry, my memory is a little hazy, it’s still early in the morning as I write this.

Deep-pit Seasoning

I’ll have to look into what is in it when I get home, but I do remember salt and pepper, garlic, some type of herbs (you can see the green in it), lemon peel and tumeric. It’s a pretty flavorful rub. I rubbed the “strip” steak (still not sure it was a strip) with the seasoning and allowed it to sit out and come to room temperature as I got the Egg ready to go. I was aiming for a temp of about 550F.

Steak on

One thing I’ve been trying to work on is my photography when flames are involved. It’s a lot harder than it looks to capture fire, while still keeping the meat and everything else in focus. I still don’t have it down perfect, but I like to think I am getting better at it.

From above

I like this next one because you can see in the bottom left some of the hickory chunks I threw in to give it a bit more smoke flavor.

Hickory wood for extra flavor

The steak cooked for about 8 minutes, 4 minutes per side at roughly 575-600F, and while they came out a little more done than I normally like (I blame it on the quality of the meat), it was still juicy and very tender and the rub complimented it nicely giving it just a hint of herbs and lemon. We served it up with a salad and some scalloped potatoes.

Beef....it's what's for dinner

You would think with all the pictures I took trying to get the flame right, I might have taken more of the final product….well I did, but by that time the light was changing outside and the was giving the kitchen a funny color and no matter what light combinations in the kitchen I tried, they just weren’t coming out right. So they all got deleted.

It feels good to be cooking again and posting about it. I think I’m finally coming out of my slump. I already know what’s for dinner tonight….Lamb Sliders. Now I just need to find a good recipe…..