I got a surprise tonight! A.Huge.Surprise! Knock me off my feet surprise, tonight!!

I’ve been fascinated by paella for a while. Ever since I tasted my first one off the Egg at the Plano Eggfest way back in 2010. Heck…I even asked today on some of the Egg Forums what size paella pan could fit on the Egg. How cool would it be to make some paella on the Egg?

Today, my parents got back from an extended trip top Spain. Yeah…I’m a bit jealous. Spain? Who wouldn’t be? Little known fact…my brother was born in Spain, military story and all that. Close call…but I was almost born overseas. Lucky for me, my parents got back to Texas and I lucky to be born in the greatest state of them all. But I digress….back to the point. My parents brought us back a few presents.

Paella Pan

Measuring from handle to handle, it’s about 15″ across, edge to edge its a bit over 11″ and the bottom is 9″ across. Fits perfect on the Egg and is going to be great for Mrs. G and I. But that’s not all they got us. You can’t have paella without saffron…and we got some straight and fresh from Spain!!


1 whole gram of saffron!! I don’t know how much this would go for here, back in the US, but I do know that next to truffles, it is one of the most expensive food items around. So now we got a paella pan and saffron. You know what’s coming soon….paella!! But first I’m going to have to do lots and lots of research to figure out how to cook one and find that perfect recipe to try for the first one. Stay tuned….this is gonna be fun!

Look at all that goodness!!

14 thoughts on “Paella???

  1. Lucky you. Keep those saffron threads under lock and key. Also, I get a kick out of the pan’s brand name — El Cid. We had to read the book and watch the movie in high school Spanish class.

  2. Cool’. I just bought a paella pan a few months ago, but I haven’t had a chance to try her out yet! Maybe we could have a virtual paella Throwdown!

  3. When my inlaws went to Spain and Morocco a few years ago, they brought me back a bunch of spices, included a jar of saffron threads. I was thrilled. But they shorted me on the paella pan….I need to have a word with them, ha ha.

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