I don’t get a lot of packages in the mail. Heck, when a package arrives, it’s usually addressed to Mrs. G. So imagine my surprise today when I came home to find a small package awaiting me. It’s like an early birthday. But who could it be from? And what did it contain?

It totally slipped my mind that over a month ago, Chris over at Dizzy Pig sent me an e-mail saying that they were putting together a small group of cooks and Dizzy Pig fans that they were developing. I mean, common’…it was over a month ago. And I do have ADHD and horrible short-term memory. Just ask Mrs. G or my Mom if you don’t believe. But even though I forgot, I was (and still am excited) about these new rubs and that they would include me.

Fajitaish and Bombay Curryish

I’m really excited about the Fajitaish (well both of ’em really) I was secretly hoping that they were going to have some kind of Mexican spice rub. And the smell when you open the bag….cumin and garlic and onion and pepper assaults your nose (in a good way)!! My mouth started to water as I breathed it in. I can already tell this is gonna be some good stuff. The Bombay Curryish also had an amazing aroma. I’m not real familiar with Indian food, and I can’t quite put my finger on the smells, but it sure does smell good. These blends are made from the freshest of spices and are sugar-free as well.

Unfortunately, we already have dinner plans for tonight, but you can expect to see these being tried out this week. And if they live up all the other Dizzy Pig spices, they are going to be outstanding, I am sure. These spices are not yet available to the public, but the included note from Dizzy Pig says that they will be this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.