Kitchen Tip #1 – Saucy Icecubes

Saucy Icecubes

Do you ever find that you have made too much spaghetti sauce? Maybe your recipe feeds 4 to 6 and you are eating alone or with just your significant other. Maybe somebody cancelled on your dinner plans. In our case, we make (or sometimes buy when we’re being lazy) sauce for our pizzas. The recipe (or store bought sauce) is always more than we need for a couple of pizzas. So what to do? Should we let it spoil? Should we be wasteful and throw it away? No way!! Pick up a few ice trays, pour the sauce into them and freeze them. Once frozen, seal them up in a Ziplock bag. Now you have a ready supply of sauce whenever the craving hits. Just take them out of the freezer, let them thaw out, or just heat them up in the microwave or a sauce pan. Viola!! Instant sauce ready to go. Hope this simple kitchen tip helps you out.

Marinara and Alfredo Icecubes ready for the next time we have a spaghetti or pizza craving

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip #1 – Saucy Icecubes

    1. Yep, would work great for that. Freeze some of the sausage seperatly after you make it and some sauce and you got a quick ready to go meal whenever you need it. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  1. Great tip! Years (more like decades) ago, my first boss, also a major foodie, told me he would make pasta sauce in bulk and freeze portions in small plastic cups, ideal for a meal for two whenever he fancied it! I try to do this but somehow never seem to have any left over!

    1. Thank you. I hate letting food go to waste and this is a great way to save it for later. It’s already portioned out so you can just grab how much you need next time. I’m going to start posting up Kitchen Tips as it seemed to go over pretty well.

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