Pizza Rolls

     Last night I had a craving for pizza. But I wanted to try something new, something different than our ordinary pizzas. I had planned on making this great sounding rectangular pizza with a Sicilian style crust, but when I got home I realized I needed a 13×18″ rimmed baking sheet….something we didn’t seem to… Continue reading Pizza Rolls

Chicken Teriyaki On A Stick

“I think they should put more meats on a stick, you know?” ~ Ben Stiller as Ted on There’s Something About Mary Meat! Stick! Fire! Arr! Arr! Arr! (in your best Tim The Toolman voice)      There’ something about cooking meat on a stick over a fire that can’t be beat. Something primitive. Something manly. Something in… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki On A Stick

Chicken Fried Rice

     This post was originally going to be General Tsao’s Chicken with Fried Rice, but lately I’m finding it harder and harder to get motivated to cook for one. Yep….that’s right….Mrs G is on the road again for work. Chicago this time, before that it was LA and Atlanta and coming up is Orlando, Toronto,… Continue reading Chicken Fried Rice

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

     Looking for ways to try to eat healthier and something a bit different from our ordinary meals, I came across some recipes for stuffed zucchini boats. I remembered that I had these before at a local Tex-Mex place called Matt’s Rancho Martinez and that they were pretty good so I decided to tackle them myself. After looking… Continue reading Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Tex-Mex Spice

This is a simple spice mixture that we have come up with for when we are craving those Tex-Mex flavors. Sprinkle on and rub into your meats or fish, or add 2 tbsp to ground beef or turkey for tacos.  Some of the amounts may need to be adjusted to fit your spice tolerance and… Continue reading Tex-Mex Spice

Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie

     If you haven’t noticed, lately I’ve been on a little bit of dessert kick. I’m not really sure why. I’ve never been much of a baker or a dessert cooker, but lately that’s what I’ve been wanting to cook. Rather than fight it, I’ve just been going with it. I’ll try to make sure… Continue reading Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie