Steven Raichlen’s Australian Beer-Barbecued Wings

     Every once in a while, I hit a block. I like to call it a “cooking block”. Kinda like writer’s block. I can’t think of anything that I want to cook or that sounds good to me. Sometimes visiting barbecue forums will clear it up. Other times food blogs will inspire me. Neither of those have been really working lately, so in a last ditch effort I grabbed some of my favorite cookbooks and started to leaf through them.


     I found my inspiration in Steven Raichlen’s “The Barbecue Bible”. This isn’t generally one of my go to books. It’s a barbecue cookbook with recipes that span the globe from South America to the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. It covers Europe and Russia. It opens up Central Asia and the Far East with grilling recipes from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. One of the reasons it’s not my go to book is the ingredients. Sometimes a recipe and the description sounds amazing only to have some ingredient that I’ve never heard of nor have any idea how to procure. So it gets neglected and occasionally I’ll look at it and say, “Gee, I sure would like to make that but what is aji amarillo? or dried galangal? Can I substitute another pepper for malagueta peppers? Where do can I find allepo peppers? (which by the way I just got some dried and ground allepo pepper, so cross that one off the list of hared to find ingredients)?”