Spicy Mussels and Clams

     Mussels are one of our favorites. Nothing like a steaming bowl of mussels swimming around in hot broth with a hunk of hot, crusty bread ready to sop up all that goodness. I must admit, I’d never had mussels before Mrs. G and I started dating. But once I did, I was hooked.      This… Continue reading Spicy Mussels and Clams

Mediterranean Cheese Focaccia Bread

We’re all guilty of it. We all like getting free samples at the store. C’mon….admit it. No? Maybe its just me. Last week, I was at Sam’s procuring some ribs to smoke for a cousin that was going to be spending the night at our house. After finding the ribs, I was wandering around, seeing… Continue reading Mediterranean Cheese Focaccia Bread

Flanken-Cut Beef Short Ribs

     Last week, I had to go to Sam’s to pick up some ribs to cook for one of the Jawja cousins who was rolling through town and was going to be spending the night with us (that’s Georgia, for the rest of ya). While there, I was perusing the meat section, looking to see if… Continue reading Flanken-Cut Beef Short Ribs

Huevos de Tortugas

Huevos de Tortugas      Huevos de Tortugas? What are those? you maybe asking yourself. Maybe your Spanish is a bit rusty. Or maybe for some reason, you thought it would be handy to take French when you were back in school (how’d that work out for you, BTW?) Huevos de tortugas is Spanish for turtle eggs. Maybe you remember… Continue reading Huevos de Tortugas

Fresh Bratwurst

     Ever since I got my meat grinder, bratwurst has been on my “to-do” list. It’s one of those sausages that pretty much everybody is familiar with, usually sold under the name Johnsonville (although most grocery stores have their own brand, at least here in Dallas). After our trip to Germany back in August, I… Continue reading Fresh Bratwurst

New Addition to the Family

Its been so hard keeping this under my hat. I actually ordered a Mini Egg a month ago, but didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag until I took delivery of it. Let me tell you, that month dragged by for me. The problem is our Egg dealer lives across the state….and… Continue reading New Addition to the Family

Chili Dusted Shrimp and Pasta

Chili Dusted Shrimp with a Fire Roasted Orange Bell Pepper Pasta      I recently received a free package of chili mix in the mail. Part of a contest I was in. After following the instructions on the box to make the chili, I discovered that it was not good. Not good at all. As in… Continue reading Chili Dusted Shrimp and Pasta