More Cooks on the MINI Egg

It’s been a busy week at our casa. Not much cooking on the Eggs. Just wanted to share these pics with you today of some things we did do earlier this week.

Ribeye cooking on the MINI Big Green Egg at 650F, simply seasoned with salt and pepper, some Jack Daniels wood chips for smoke.

Man can’t live on meat alone. Gotta have some veggies in his diet.

Asparagus oiled and salt and pepper cooking at 350F

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and we’ll be back next week for some more cooks.

7 thoughts on “More Cooks on the MINI Egg

  1. Answer: If you are not cooking with whole logs of hard wood then the only way you are going to really get a true smoke flavor in your smoker is by adding wood to your fire. Whether you have an electric, gas or charcoal smoker you can add wood to get the authentic barbecue flavor. Fortunately wood chips and chunks come prepackaged for your convenience. But which should you use.

    1. It depends on the type of smoker or grill you are using and on the type of meat. For longer cooking meat, such as brisket, ribs or pork butt, I like to use chunks as they take longer to burn. For quicker cooks, like steaks, burgers or salmon, I like to use a handful of chips thrown in right before I place the meat on.

  2. I’m debating about getting a mini. How much do you use yours? There are times I would rather use a mini than light up the large or XL, plus I am thinking it would be great for doing some cold smoking, where you light the fire and wood chunks in the mini and pipe it over via some furnace ducts to the Large or XL so the smoke transfers over for doing fish or cheese. Have you tried cold smoking yet?

    1. We’re using it more than the large now, but then its just the two of us. Lights faster and comes up to temp much quicker. Fun little grill.

      Haven’t tried the cold smoking yet, but its on my list.

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