Super Chicken Shit: A Seasoning Review

A beam of light shining down from heaven on my chicken (no, this picture was not "doctored" in any way)
A beam of light shining down from heaven on my chicken (no, this picture was not “doctored” in any way)

     You may have figured out that Mrs. G sometimes goes out of town for work. She’s got two busy seasons, one in January and one at the end of July/beginning of August. In simplest terms, she goes to “shows” to sell her companies products to stores. One of the cool things is she gets to see a lot of merchandise before they ever hit the shelves, next season’s newest stuff. Sometimes, she gets free samples. And sometimes, companies don’t want to rebox their stuff and ship it back home, so they sell it right there on the last few days. The last show she did was in Las Vegas, and yes, I went with her for a few days to “help her out”. Hence, the lack of recent posts. Anyway, her showroom shared a floor with a gourmet/food section. It was pretty cool to be able to walk around and check it out some of the new things that are coming to market, rubs, spices, dips, salsas, etc.

Super Shit
Super Shit!!

     I didn’t stay for the whole show, I was there for four and a half days and poor Mrs. G had to suffer through nine days. If you’ve been to Vegas (and done it right), you know that three is about as much as you need. Can you imagine nine? When she did get home, she said she had some goodies for me in her suitcase. Among other things, she had three bottles of Super Shit. Just on the name alone, I knew I was going to have to write a post about it. How could I not? My inner child was giddy and laughing, and I told a few jokes while cooking which after the first couple just earned me a bunch of eye rolls. Come on…you would have done the same. Admit it.

The chicken has been liberally dusted with Super Chicken Shit
The chicken has been liberally dusted with Super Chicken Shit

     You’ve seen us grill chicken plenty of times on the Egg, nothing new here. This post is mainly about the rub Super Chicken Shit. Just in case you haven’t, this is our preferred setup for grilling chicken. We like to get the Egg stabilized at 400F and use the Adjustable Rig from the Ceramic Grill store with the grate sitting on the top level. This raises the food above the felt line of the bottom dome. Not really direct cooking, not really indirect cooking, but more of a raised direct cook. If you want, you can add some wood chips or chunks, but when trying a rub for the first time, I usually do without. I don’t want the smoke to mask or cover up the flavor. I want to experience it as purely as I can so I can form an opinion on the rub just by itself, so this night we did without.

Chicken quarters on the Egg
Chicken quarters on the Egg

     The benefit of this setup is that you don’t have to worry about flare ups from the grease dripping down on to the lump charcoal and you don’t have to constantly flip or more your chicken around. If you are bored or have guests over and want to make it look like you are really working, you can shuffle your chicken around and flip it every 15 minutes or so. Me? This time of year with temperatures over 100F? I throw it on there and go back inside and watch TV. Maybe halfway through the cook I’ll go and check on it. Flip it if necessary, then go back inside and cool off.

Almost done
Almost done

     This set up is great for leg quarters, thighs and even whole chickens. It generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour. While I like to cook my chicken breasts to 160 and then pull them and let the residual heat carry them over to 165 so they don’t dry out, I find that legs and thighs can take more heat and actually benefit from it. Gives it a chance for the fat to melt off and the skin to get really crispy. I generally take them to 175F on the low-end and sometimes up to 180F. And no, they do not dry out. Still plenty juicy.


     With the name Super Chicken Shit, I really had high hopes. Just picture it. You’re sitting around with your buddies, enjoying a cold beverage and they ask you what you put on the chicken. Super Chicken Shit. You know you’ll get some laughs and entertainment out of that.

     So I’m sitting here typing this out. I got the bottle of Shit in front of me, trying to think of what to say about it. The ingredients say it has granulated onion, pepper, salt, chopped onion, hungarian paprika, granulated garlic, sugar, parsley, basil, fennel and other natural flavors (as well as up to 2% tri calcium phosphate as an anti-caking agent).  You can clearly see fresh parsley, basil and fennel in it. That’s what struck me first in appearance. That and its very pale, it doesn’t have much red to it like most BBQ rubs, but then again, it never claims to be a BBQ rub, just chicken seasoning. You open it up and you can see the chopped onion in it and smell the fennel. A dab on the finger tastes good and is promising, this could be good stuff.

     Sadly, I was proven wrong and disappointed. Maybe if the seasoning was used on chicken cooked in the oven, it would have been better. Cooking over lump charcoal, the flavors and spices just got lost. It was bland and underwhelming. The herbs didn’t stand out, we couldn’t detect the paprika or the garlic. That being said, the chicken didn’t need any extra salt or pepper. Overall, it just felt weak and underpowered.  I didn’t add any BBQ sauce during the cook or after the cook as I wanted to get the full flavor of the seasoning. That being said, after having a few bites to test the flavors, I pulled a bottle of our stand by BBQ sauce, Stubbs, out of the fridge and poured a bit on my plate to dip the chicken into. I wasn’t going to eat bland chicken just because the seasoning couldn’t hold its own. Maybe I’ll try it on something cooked inside without fire, but it won’t be going on any of my chicken that is destined for the Egg. I’ve got a pantry full of other rubs and seasonings that are way better.

7 thoughts on “Super Chicken Shit: A Seasoning Review

    1. Actually, I have. Haven’t used it in awhile, but its good stuff and the owner, Marc is a super nice guy. He cooked at a tent next to us at the Plano Eggfest 2 years ago. I’ve also got a bottle of his Beef rub.

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