Old Skool Millet Lite Can
Old School Millet Lite Can

     The other day, the weather was beautiful here in the DFW. I figured I’d sit on the patio  with the dogs and enjoy the weather with a cold one. But what beer to get? The limited time old school can of Millet Lite caught my eye. Does the beer taste any different? Nah, but it does have nostalgia. WHY NOT??

Over the Top Burger
Over the Top Burger

A burger sounded good after a few beers. I’ve been losing some weight so I can afford it. Two quarter pound patties, Chihuahua cheese and two thick slices of bacon. Healthy? No! Tasty? Yes! WHY NOT??

P.S. I didn’t eat it all and I do plan on taking the dogs for a walk today after work. 😉

11 thoughts on “WHY NOT??

  1. Crikies! A tip of the hat to your obvious proclivity for patio enjoyment. Well done, old chap!

    I have to dig out my patio again. Every week it seems. The snow bank back there is about waist level now. And the snow in the yard is up to my thighs in places. I love it! But it is with a certain pang of envy that I see the sun upon your patio and your dog enjoying the shade.

  2. When the little one gets hot and tires, pick him up and carry him like I do , Your Mom.
    The 2 big boys need the exercise!! LUV ya.

  3. Your pictures are killing us in the colder climates. Been Q’ing all winter but haven’t been able to enjoy quality patio time since late October. Keep ’em coming.

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