How To Build Your Fire For a Low and Slow

Over the years, I’ve seen and heard countless people ask about how to build a fire in a Kamado style grill in order to get smoke through out a low and slow cook. In fact, just this morning I was asked in a PM about this very topic. If you just put wood on top of the coals,… Continue reading How To Build Your Fire For a Low and Slow

Happy Friday the 13th!! And Happy Father’s Day!!

You may not know this about me, but my name is Jason.  No. Not Voorhees. If it was, this would be Voorhees Vittles or something like that.  Growing up, I heard all the jokes about Friday the 13th and Jason. It got old. Fast. But in life, you can choose to either ignore things or… Continue reading Happy Friday the 13th!! And Happy Father’s Day!!

Check Your Thermometers!!

Summer is upon us and people are firing up their grills across the country. Whether they be year round grillers or just fair weather grillers, I bet more grills get fired up this month than any other of the year. Regardless of which camp you fall into, it’s always a good idea to periodically check your… Continue reading Check Your Thermometers!!

NMT Favorite Grilled Chicken Marinade

     In case you didn’t know, we’re big fans of Chris over at NibbleMeThis (which from here on out will be referred to as NMT). When he posted his recipe for his favorite chicken marinade, back in April, I printed it out knowing I wanted to try it. We messaged back and forth over Facebook this past… Continue reading NMT Favorite Grilled Chicken Marinade