The New Flame Boss 100

The new Flame Boss 100
The new Flame Boss 100

Hey guys, remember me? Yeah, sorry I haven’t been very active lately. I’d love to say that the reason I haven’t been posting is that we, and by we, I mean Mrs. G, is in her third trimester, but that’s not it. I’d love to say that it’s because we moved into a new house, but we stopped posting long before that. I’d love to say that it’s because lately I’ve been super busy at work, which I have, but it’s not that either.

I think  what it really boils down to that I got burnt out. Burnt out on posting. Burnt out on cooking. Burnt out on food. I think since August, I’ve really only been eating to survive, not caring what it was. Mrs. G would ask what I wanted for dinner and I’d tell her that honestly I didn’t care. It didn’t make any difference to me. So we’ve just been eating a lot of plain Jane normal stuff. Cheeseburgers, tacos, spaghetti, maybe a steak of two. Honestly, just your quick throw it together dinners. Hell, we’ve been in our new house 3 weeks and I’ve only fired up the Egg 3 times!! The crockpot has gotten more love than the Egg. 😦

But I think I’m finally snapping out of that. Getting a little creative spark back. I’d love to dive back in here, full throttle, but I think I’d burn out again. I’d love to say that I’m gonna try and post at least once a week, but let’s try and just ease back in. Say two posts a month? That doesn’t seem like to hard a goal to meet. Hell, there might not be anybody out there anymore paying any attention to this blog for all I know. Let’s just see how it goes, shall we?

That’s not what this is about, though. What this is about today is the new Flame Boss 100. I received this a few weeks back to try out. The owner said that since I was the first person to really write about the original, he thought he’d send me the new version to try out.

What comes with the new Flame Boss 100. Hey, you like the new granite counter tops?
What comes with the new Flame Boss 100. Hey, you like the new granite counter tops?

I don’t have all the details on what all changed from the original to the 100, so I’ll just share with you my observations. The most obvious is the pit controller itself. It’s got a fancy new makeover. We’ll get to that in a moment. The fan has also been changed. It no longer has the two metal wires that slide into the adaptor and lock it into place. Instead, it has a lip on the edge that locks it into place. You’ll notice that it also has two adaptors. They claim that it will fit on any size Egg. I believe them, but can only vouch that it will fit on the Large and the Mini. They also say that it will fit all size Kamado Joes, Primo Grills, Grill Dome, Char-Griller Akorn, and others. There is another version that will fit the Weber Smokey Mountain, offset smokers and other smokers. I can only speak for performance on the Large BGE, however. The meat probe and pit probe have also changed in, but whether that is in appearance or if some of the specs have changed, I have no idea. I do like the “plastic-ey” wires on them. No more metal wires that can get bent or crimped. We’ll have to see how they hold up in the long run.

The Pit Controller
The Pit Controller

I really should have taken a side by side pic of the new controller and the old one, but it didn’t cross my mind at the time. If you want to see the old one, click HERE. The new version looks more sleek, more modern to me. No clicky, push buttons. The display looks the same. The biggest thing is the mounting bracket that comes with it allowing you to mount the controller on a table or wall or anything near your smoker.

New Mounting Bracket
New Mounting Bracket

I didn’t mount mine yet as I’m still getting used to the new location and I’m not sure I’ve got my grilling station set up just how I want it. Once I do, I will mount it for sure.

Easily pivots for viewability.
Easily pivots for viewability.

The new mounting bracket will allow you to mount it to any horizontal or vertical surface and then pivot to give you an easy to ready screen.

Testing it out
Testing it out

While everybody else was Trick or Treating, going to costume parties, or haunted houses, we stayed in and played with our new toy. Here it is in action. I’ll let you know what we cooked and how it performed in our next post, but I will say for now that I am impressed so far.

Again, sorry for our absence and I hope y’all are still out there. I promise I’ll work harder to get some more posts up and some new recipes soon. Thanks for still tuning in.

**Disclaimer – I was not paid to promote this item nor compensated in any way. I do not work for Flame Boss, nor have any affiliation with anybody in the company. This controller was sent to me for free as a gift and I was not asked to review it or give my opinions one way or another. And any and all other legal mumbo jumbo that should be noted here.

24 thoughts on “The New Flame Boss 100

    1. Thanks for the kind words. To say that we are excited would be an understatement. We’ll see how much posting gets done after the arrival, but I think if I plan for it, I should be able to get 2 a month done no problem.

    1. Thanks, Jason. The longer I was gone, the more I dreaded the actual writing of a post, taking pics, going through them, editing them. The amount of work I was imagining kept growing and growing until it seemed like a daunting task. Then I just decided Hell with it and started typing and it all flowed out. Think I got it done in under an hour. Not as bad as I remembered. Working on a new brisket post and review now.

  1. I know Aunt Patty is anxious for the new arrival. As for the blog, while it is wonderful, you only get to enjoy those days of the new baby for a very short time. Enjoy every minute and we will all keep eating and waiting for you to get back.

  2. Glad you’re back … I’ve been in a kinda funk as well, but more towards wanting to cook more inside. Like Irish style pig cheeks, cabbage soup and Beef Bourgignon. Did get back to some ribs on Sunday. Don’t beat yourself up … just cruise!

  3. Welcome Back Griffin. Missed your posts here and on the forum but as the Father of 4, I fully understand. And that first one is the toughest. It does get easier! Anyway, I look forward to your posts and glad to see you back.

    1. Thanks, Bob. I’ll do my best to get some more posts rolling. I don’t think 2 a month will be that hard to nail. Almost go the finishing touches on my first review of the FB100. Should go live tomorrow or Wednesday.

  4. I’m still here! *waving* I’ve been in a blogging flux too because we are in a temporary home with a closet-sized kitchen. We signed the papers to close on our new (old) house this morning, and remodel on it starts on Thursday! So it will be a few weeks before I have a “real” kitchen to cook in. Anyways, I know how it goes with blogging when big changes are going on in your life. Very nice review of the Flame Boss, though!

  5. First congrats to you and Mrs. G. Great to see you back in the blogosphere. You can’t force creativity, give it time it will come. You have a lot going on in life right now. The important thing is to have fun with it. See ya next post.

  6. Glad to see that you’re posting again. A couple a month shouldn’t be too onerous, but if it is then that’s fine too. Love hearing about your culinary adventures here in ‘sunny’ England, we don’t have an ovoid outdoor cooking thingy so are amazed at what you can do!

  7. I like the design. The price point is more than the Auber instruments that I have but it also has more features, I especially like the dual probes. I just also bought an Auber for a xmas present for someone, I should have given them mine and ordered the Flame Boss for myself, LOL.

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