Dietz & Watson Polska Kielbasa

Hotdog and Kielbasa on the Mini Egg

There are a some foods that I can count on that I know Duke will eat. I think most parents will agree on these foods. Hotdogs, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, mac n cheese. I think these foods are universally liked by all kids. Needing a quick Sunday cook, I decided on hot dogs for The Boy, but I didn’t really want a hot dog. I did find these Polska Kielbasa in the deli section of my grocery store. I think I might have had them before, but I can’t remember, so I decided to give them a shot.

This is what they look like.

Dietz and Watson Polska Kielbasa, handcrafted, made in the USA, no MSG added and gluten-free if you care about those things. Not fancy food, but a little bit more sophisticated than a hotdog. I was surprised to find when I opened the package that all the links were still connected. Had I been using a larger grill, I would have kept them that way, but since I was using my Mini and space was limited, I used a knife to separate the links.

Almost ready

To cook these, I fired up the Mini BGE to around 400 direct and turned them every 3 or 4 minutes for about as long as it took to drink a beer. The sausage was fully cooked, so all I was doing was reheating it and adding some char. Don’t let your grill get too hot. You don’t want the casings to burst as you will lose all the juices and your sausage will be dry.


Dinner is served, nothing fancy here


After I had finished my beer, and they sausages were cooked to my liking, I served them up on some hot dog buns with some course ground mustard, a little salad and some collard greens my wife had cooked up for her dinner.

The sausage was pretty good. Way better than Hillshire Farms or some of the other mas produced kielbasa. The casing had a nice snap to it. They were pretty mild in my opinion. Not spicy, not really smokey that I could discern. Pretty mild. The texture of the meat kind of surprised me. They were pretty emulsified and reminded me of a hot dog. All in all, a pretty decent sausage and great for a quick dinner.

3 thoughts on “Dietz & Watson Polska Kielbasa

  1. Kielbasa has some how sadly fallen off my BBQ/grilling radar. Thanks for putting it back on. Those were some good looking links you had there.

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