Flatout Flatbread Pizzas

Flatout Flatbread Artisan Thin Pizza Crust


As a dual income family with a 3.5 year old, we’re always looking for quick ways to get dinner on the table that The Boy will eat. One thing we make pretty regularly is our New York style pizza. Mix the dough up a few days ahead of time, let it sit in the fridge, pull out a dough ball a few hours ahead of time and you are off to the races. Usually I make the dough on Sunday for later in the week, but I didn’t have time this week.

This is what they look like

While at the grocery store, making my weekly run, I spotted these. Figured why not give it a shot. Quick and easy? Perfect!!

Duke’s attempt. Cheese and pepperoni.

The directs on the back say to pre-bake the crust at 375 for 2 minutes. Pull out of the oven and top, bake for another 4 minutes or until cheese is melted. Since, it was our first attempt. That’s what we did. Except it took more like 5 1/2 minutes.

Dad’s attempt. Pepperoni, salami, peppadew peppers and banana peppers

While this qualified as a fast cook and the The Boy ate more than half of his. I wasn’t completely satisfied. The “crust” was not crispy, nor was it chewy, it was more along the lines of soggy. I blame part of that on the directions and part of it on us. I feel the “crust” either needs to be pre-cooked a bit longer or at a higher temperature to get crispy. Definitely needs a higher temp to “brown” the cheese, not just melt it. As for it being soggy, that could be on me. I realized after they were done cooking, that I was probably a little heavy handed on the toppings. This being a flatbread pizza and not a normal pizza, toppings probably should have been kept to a minimum.

So we ate two of the six flatbreads that came in the package. That leaves four more attempts to see if we can get this dialed in. We’ll try pre-baking the flatbreads a bit longer to get them crispier. We’ll also cook them at a higher temperature and go lighter on the toppings. One other thing I’d like to do, and I have to check to see if they will fit, but I’d like to try and cook them on the Egg. Watch for updates to see if we can cook them better.

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