How We Make Chimichurri

Our version of chimichurri. Hard to make sauces look appealing, but trust me. It’s good.


There are thousands of recipes for chimichurri out there. Many claiming to be “original” or “authentic” and then some that have been modernized with all kinds of extra ingredients. I don’t remember where I got our recipe. I really wish I did. I want to say it was on a barbecue forum. Somebody probably asked for a recipe. All I remember is one guy complaining about all the fancy recipes. I think he might have been Argentinian. I do remember he said it was supposed to be simple and he posted his recipe. I tried it later that week, and I’ve been using it ever since. And that has been for years.

This is how I copied it from the good ole interwebs and how we have it in our cookbook.

I’m not going to bother typing up the ingredients. It’s all right there in the picture above. As for prepping it, we just use a food processor. Put all the ingredients in except for the olive oil. Start processing it and add the olive oil until you get the consistency you desire. Too thin? Add some more parsley. Too thick, add more olive oil. Want it more spicy? Add more red pepper flakes. Honestly, its good the way it is, but you can customize it to your liking however you want. I mainly just eyeball it these days and adjust the taste to how I’m feeling.

For the most part, we just serve it on beef. Usually flat-iron, flank steak or skirt steak grilled on our BGE, usually with a bit of mesquite for a touch of smoke until a medium rare. When using it for beef, use red wine vinegar if you have it.  It is also good on chicken with white wine vinegar or you can sub lemon juice for the vinegar.

Served on flat iron steak with some roasted potatoes and corn. Sorry, not the most exciting plate. 😉

Have you ever made chimichurri? What’s your recipe? What type of protein do you like to serve it on?


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