River Rat Beer Update

On our way to the Frio River. Lookout somewhere between Bandera and Leakey

I’m a  little late on the update for our Blue Moon clone that my wife named River Rat Beer and for that I apologize. Sometimes life gets busy, but for those interested, I thought you should know how it turned out.

Blue Moon on the left, River Rat Beer on the right

Before we went on the trip, I took a bottle to my local homebrew store Homebrew Headquarters in Richardson, TX to let those guys try it out and get some honest feedback. Everybody that tried it said they liked it and that it was a good witbier. The only criticism I received was that it did not have enough coriander, which I kinda agree with.

River Rat Beer on the left, Blue Moon on the right
Somehow out of a whole case of beer I was only snapped two pictures. As you can see, the color is pretty spot on to Blue Moon. I thought mine had a little more carbonation, the head retention was better, and there was a bit more mouth feel. As mentioned earlier, the coriander taste was lacking. Next time I brew it, I’ll up the coriander a bit. You could definitely taste the orange from the sweet orange peel. If you want Blue Moon clone and not a Belgium Witbier, make sure to use sweet orange peel and not bitter orange peels in you mash.

Duke trying his hand at some fishing. I’d like to say “You should have seen the fish he caught!! It was THIS big!!” But alas, we only had a few nibbles and never caught anything

Overall, I enjoyed it, the guys at my homebrew store enjoyed it and the ladies enjoyed it. Not a perfect Blue Moon clone, but pretty damn close and a perfect beer for those hot summer days. Even better if you are sitting in the Frio.

Duke chillin’ on the Frio

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