Lil Pizza Party

Half pepperoni and Italian sausage, 1/4 pepperoni, Italian sausage and black olives for Duke and a 1/4 plain cheese for Baby Nora

Saturday night we had my cousin, his wife and two of the kids over to hang out, have a few drinks and enjoy football season. It’s always fun to hang out with them, but sometimes its challenging trying to figure out what to cook as he’s a vegetarian. I decided that we would have a pizza party this time and everybody could make their own pizzas and I’d use my go to pizza dough recipe.

My Egg setup for pizza. I really need to get out there and sand down my table and re-seal it.

The Egg (or oven) should be preheated to 500F. If using an Egg, get that pizza stone as high in the dome as you can. I use an adjustable rig from the Ceramic Grill Store with an oval pizza stone on the second highest level and the BGE pizza stone on top of the grate on the highest level.

Grilled chicken, bacon, artichoke and spinach pizza

In all the rush of doing 3 pizzas, I didn’t manage to snag all that many pictures of the different pizzas. My cousin ended up doing half a pizza with spinach and jalapeno and Buffalo Mozzarella and his son did the other half with pepperoni and Italian sausage and bacon.

Almost done

Shortly after dinner, we heard the doorbell ring. Gotta love Amazon Prime. Duke has been obsessed with Ghost Busters and I’m not really sure why. He’s decided to be Ray for Halloween.

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!!

Have you tried your hand at pizza on the Egg? If not, I highly encourage it. The Egg can knock out great pizzas and the dough we use it simple and easy to make.

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