Restoring the Blackstone

That’s a pitiful sight. I’m almost too embarrassed to show this picture

Just a little over two years ago, we added a Blacktone griddle to our outdoor cooking arsenal. It got some use and then winter came along and it sat unused. And then forgotten. Abandoned and lonely. Even though I had a cover for it, it started to rust. I knew I had to reseason it, but I kept putting it off. And off. And off. This summer, I wanted to restore it, but it’s just too damn hot in Texas for me to want to mess with it.

For some reason, this past week I had an urge to finally restore it. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it.

Starting to look better

So I Googled how to restore it and watched some videos. I’m not going to go through the how’s. I followed the directions from a video that Blackstone put out on how to do it. Look it up. It’s a pretty easy process, just a little time consuming.


After reseasoning it, I threw some bacon on. I’ve found frying bacon is a great way to get a good season on cast iron pans, so why not this griddle?


The wife had requested fajitas for dinner Saturday, so while they were cooking on the Egg, I sautéed some onions.

Hanger steak and onions

Once the steak was almost done, I tossed it on the griddle to get a really good sear on it. Unfortunately, with football going all day and some libations, no actual pictures of the finished product were taken.

Warming up the leftover steak

Sunday, I took some of the leftover steak, chopped it up and threw it on the griddle. I let it warm up, then added some tortillas and a blend of Mexican cheese.

Steak quesadillas
Look how black the griddle is now!!

Sunday night’s dinner was burgers. Or more accurately bacon cheeseburger sliders. For sliders, I’ve found that 3 ounces is a good size. Duke can usually polish off one, and I can scarf down two.

Look at that melty, gooey piece of gloriousness

American cheese for the kid and good ole cheddar for me

Served on our finest China

I texted this picture to my brother-in-law over at Westbound Soul to make him jealous and he responded “Lmao nice Cheetos”. My only reply was “I have an almost 4-year-old”. He has no idea. Sometimes you just have to throw food on a plate that you know your kid will eat. And then the same food ends up going on your plate. He’ll figure it out someday.

I’m really glad I finally got around to restoring my Blackstone. I forgot how much fun it is to cook on it. Sorry there weren’t any recipes this time, but I’ll get some up shortly. I think tonight I’m going to try my hand at chicken fried rice. Or maybe tomorrow. Definitely some time this week. I’ve already got the stuff to make it and I went ahead and cooked the rice last night. I think it will be a fun little cook.


4 thoughts on “Restoring the Blackstone

  1. Hey I have one too , just cant leave it alone! Im here in SE Alaska and of course cooler wet climate , but if you keep it oiled up and keep fat on it works so sweet! I use a Traeger then turn 180 and theres the Blackstone ! Yes!

  2. I have the same Blackstone as you. Use it all the time. It makes the best smashburgers ever! We also do shrimp, fish, heck, just about everything. I’m in Ohio, so it will soon be put away for the winter, but we always look forward to getting it back on the grill island in the spring. It is a great cooking tool.

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