Chicken Fried Rice on the Blackstone

The fried rice seasoning packet I used

I was looking for a quick weeknight dinner recipe that incorporated the Blackstone since its now back in the rotation. It occurred to me that chicken fried rice would be perfect. I probably should have/could have looked for recipes online (and I will in the future), but I remembered that I had used this stuff in a wok on the Egg and it turned out pretty good.

Directions and ingredients nicely provided so I don’t have to type them up. Hah!!

I used chicken for my protein (used a little more than a third of a cup) and used a mix of peas, carrots, corn and green beans instead of just the frozen peas.

I’ve heard that Chinese restaurants use leftover rice from the day before for their fried rice. I’ve also read that its best to do that if you are cooking it at home, so I cooked my rice the night before and stored it in the fridge. No idea why, but I remember doing it in the past as well.

Cooking up the chicken

I turned the Blackstone on to medium-medium high and let it warm up before cooking the chicken up with a little bit of grape seed oil until it had browned up a bit on both sides. Then, I moved the chicken to a cooler spot on the griddle and added the rice and green onions. I let that go until it was warmed up and then made a little circle with the rice and added the beaten eggs in the middle.

Oh No!! The Eggs are running away. Like lava down a volcano!! The floor is lava!! (You parents will understand that)

I let the eggs cook up a bit and then scrambled them up and mixed it up with the rice along with the chicken. I then added the seasoning packet and soy sauce and mixed it well.

Vegetables added

Next,  I added the vegetables. I was starting to feel like a cook at a hibachi restaurant by this point except I don’t know how to do an onion volcano. Or do that spinning egg trick they do. Or flip some burning hot shrimp into a spectator’s mouth. Ok, maybe I’m not all that close to a hibachi chef…

Ready to serve

Turned out surprisingly good for a first attempt at fried rice on the Blackstone. Just about pushed the limits on how much food you can do on a 17″ Blackstone griddle, but the recipe says it will feed 5. I’d say maybe more like 4. And it was a quick cook, just make sure to have all your ingredients prepped and within reach before you start.

Now was this recipe Duke friendly? He likes rice. And chicken. Loves corn and green beans. Depending on the day, he’ll eat peas. Sooooo…no!! A BIG OLE FAT NO!! Swing and a miss. Took one look at it and said “Uh Uh”.  No amount of pleading, or explaining how he likes all that stuff or straight up bribery could convince the kid to even take a bite. He did eat two frozen store-bought egg rolls. And then some Pasta Roni, but not one bite of this would cross his mouth. I guess I know what I’ll be taking for lunch this week. I enjoyed it and it was fun to try something new on the griddle.


6 thoughts on “Chicken Fried Rice on the Blackstone

  1. Thank you for the recipe and most of all how to clean the Blackstone griddle. I am going to use it this weekend and maybe cook the fried rice

    Thank you
    Chris Fernandes

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