New bands, new thermometer and a chicken

I hope everybody out there had a Merry Christmas and that you are recovering from all the festivities. This is just a short little post about my day yesterday.

My original bands finally gave up the ghost. I noticed a small gap a few weeks ago. I discovered that the bolts in the hinges were bent. No amount of adjusting would get the lid to close right (and I tried and tried, believe me). After cooking some ribeyes Christmas Eve it had gotten worse. Now there was a gap about half an inch wide on the left side while the right side was closed. To top it off,  I was told that I was supposed to cook dinner for my MIL yesterday. So I got off work yesterday around 1 and rushed to Pool Stop in Rockwall to get some new bands. Picked up some of The Gospel by Meat Church while I was there. First time using it. Dusted a chicken, got the bands installed, fired her up and had dinner almost ready by the time my wife and her Mother showed up. The chicken got a little darker than I wanted while I was unloading the car and chatting and having a few drinks. Guess there was more sugar in the rub than I’m used to, but it wasn’t burnt, just dark. Mother in Law raved about the chicken so all was good. I really enjoyed the rub. It was different from the stuff we’ve been using lately. I can’t wait to try it on some other things. Love the new bands and hinge assembly. Oh…and my parents got me a new thermometer for Christmas from Smokeware so no more swapping thermometer between whatever Egg I’m using at the moment. That’s about all for now. Honestly, I’m just wasting time at work, watching the clock tick by so I can go home with no work to do and everybody else being off….

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