Wonder Bird and Happy Nancy rubs from Dizzy Pig

Last week, we received a sample of Wonder Bird from Dizzy Pig (on the right). We were on our way out of town for the weekend, so I wasn’t able to get to it immediately. Last night, I finally had a chance to try it and we decided to use it on chicken legs. In addition, I also found a sampler for Happy Nancy (on the left also from Dizzy Pig) sitting in the pantry that I had never got around to. Figured Duke would like that one since it has no chilies or peppercorns.

Happy Nancy on the left, Wonder Bird on the right

They went on the Big Green Egg at 400F raised direct with no wood for smoke so we could get a better feeling for the flavors.

Almost Done

Mrs. G made some green beans to go along with it and Duke’s favorite Pasta Roni. I know…fancy, idn’t it?

Plated up

Duke really liked the Fancy Nancy. No heat, slightly sweet with a hint of cinnamon and all spice. Definitely different than your normal BBQ rubs. The Wonder Bird was great. Had a great citrusy aroma with just a little bit of heat on the back end. I didn’t pick up the maple really, but that’s ok. Not like any other poultry rub I’ve tried and not your typical BBQ rub. We’re a big fan of Dizzy Pig and I’d say they got another winner on their hands with Wonder Bird. And if you don’t like heat and have a delicate palate, Fancy Nancy just might be the rub for you.

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