Our First Deep Dish Pizza

     A pizza argument is something I shouldn’t get involved in. Chicago vs New York. Deep dish vs thin. Neopolitan vs Sicilian. What’s the best? I don’t know. I have never been to New York and tried their pizzas. Nor have I been to Chicago. I know there are die hard cult like followings of both and… Continue reading Our First Deep Dish Pizza

Mediterranean Cheese Focaccia Bread

We’re all guilty of it. We all like getting free samples at the store. C’mon….admit it. No? Maybe its just me. Last week, I was at Sam’s procuring some ribs to smoke for a cousin that was going to be spending the night at our house. After finding the ribs, I was wandering around, seeing… Continue reading Mediterranean Cheese Focaccia Bread

Simple Dinner Rolls

     I’m not much of a baker, never really have been. Before starting this blog, I think my baking was limited to cornbread or maybe dropping some ingredients into a bread machine. Occasionally, I’ll make my Mom’s banana nut bread. But cookies? Not so much. Cakes? Never. Pies? Not on your life. But this blog… Continue reading Simple Dinner Rolls

Cornbread with Green Chiles and Cheese

     I decided while Mrs. G’s chicken chili was cooking away that I wanted some cornbread to go along with it. I’m not particularly fond of cornbread that has a sweet flavor. No, I like mine to have just a bit of heat…..and maybe some cheese (don’t worry, this does not have a bunch of heat,… Continue reading Cornbread with Green Chiles and Cheese

Simple White Bread for a Bread Machine

     Bread. One of my favorite foods. Something that belongs with every meal, in some form or another, in my opinion. Something that has fascinated me for a while. The yeast. The fermentation. The rise. Something that I just don’t have time to get involved in as much as I want to. I mean common!!… Continue reading Simple White Bread for a Bread Machine

Cheddar Beer Bread and some Pork Chops

        I have a weakness for bread. There….I’ve said it. I love bread. Sourdough bread, French bread, Ciabatta bread, croissants, bagels, focaccia, corn bread and don’t even get me started on that Brazillian cheese bread Pao de Queijo that they serve at churrascarias that my wife loving refers to as light, fluffy clouds of goodness. Nothing beats piping… Continue reading Cheddar Beer Bread and some Pork Chops

BLTs on Home-made Bread

 Sometimes simple is better, and sometimes its nice to have a classic. It is classic after all. And what’s more classic than a BLT? To make it a little more “special” though, a little more “fancy“, I decided to make up some fresh home-made bread for these BLTs. I love the way the aroma of… Continue reading BLTs on Home-made Bread