A Tale of Two Pizzas

Last week, I showed you how an Egg excels at low and slow with my brisket cook. The Egg also shines in high temp cooks and one of the best ways to demonstrate that is with pizza. Pizza has become one of our staple cooks ever since we got the Egg and we like to… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pizzas

Physicist explains “The Stall”

If you are a nerd, or a geek, or a bbq freak, you may be interested in the following article about the mysterious plateau, or stall, that occurs when cooking briskets and pork shoulders. If not, move on and go about your normal daily business. If you are, read on and see how Meathead from… Continue reading Physicist explains “The Stall”

First Overnight Brisket on the BGE

     Nothing tests the skill of a pitmaster (no I am not calling myself a pitmaster, an aspiring one maybe) more than brisket. Brisket is considered to be one of the Holy Trinities of barbecue, along with pork butt and ribs. But while ribs take less time and pork butt is more forgiving as far as drying out,… Continue reading First Overnight Brisket on the BGE

Argentinian Flank Steak

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted up anything new here or even cooked anything. We’ve been pretty busy lately. We took a short trip to Vegas and then after returning home, less than 10 hours later we had to jump on another plane and fly to Corpus Christi to attend a funeral. So we’ve been on… Continue reading Argentinian Flank Steak

King Ranch Chicken on the Egg

     So, you saw all that chicken we made on Monday. And you might have wondered what we were going to do with it all. I mentioned maybe my wife whipping up some of her King Ranch Chicken Casserole. Well, today’s my lucky day!! King Ranch Chicken it is! And she even agreed to cook… Continue reading King Ranch Chicken on the Egg

Beer Can Chicken

The history of the Beer Can Chicken (BCC from here on out) is a modern legend of the BBQ world. This unique BBQ method first began to show up at college tailgate parties in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, yet a definite point of origin is unknown. The BCCs popularity was first spread by tailgaters and… Continue reading Beer Can Chicken

Piri-Piri Chicken Wings in the Style of Nando’s

Ahhhh….foootball season!! What a great time of year! For some, it marks the beginning of fall and cold weather, a time to put away the grill and head inside and get out of the elements. For others, its even more reason to fire up the grill and open a cold one. As for me, I… Continue reading Piri-Piri Chicken Wings in the Style of Nando’s