Charbroiled Oysters

     Oysters. Really….oysters. Look at them. They aren’t very appealing to look at. They are slimy, grey, moist things with a salty brine smell and do not look appetizing at all. I often wonder who the first person was who worked up the courage to eat one. I’m pretty sure there was a bet involved with… Continue reading Charbroiled Oysters

Calzones on the BGE

     What is the difference between a calzone and a stromboli? I looked all over the internet….at least as much as I could before the ADHD kicked in and things quit processing and I got bored. What I did find out is that there is a lot of arguing back and forth with no real… Continue reading Calzones on the BGE

Versatile Blogger Award

I am very happy and very humbled to be nominated for another award. Seems like its been awhile. The last few I kinda just ignored and never passed on. Not very nice of me and I kinda feel bad about it. The Lazy Hippie Mama sent me the Versatile Blogger Award and though I’m not all that familiar… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award


     I guess I figured when I posted a teaser shot of these MOINK Balls Sunday night on Facebook that everybody would know what I was talking about. Sometimes I forget that not everybody hangs out on BBQ Forums and is aware of all the stuff that is going on in the BBQ scene (either… Continue reading MOINK Balls

Mexican Chorizo ABT’s

     You’ve seen us do ABT’s before. Atomic Buffalo Turds. Who doesn’t like the salty, smokey flavor of bacon. Pair it with the heat of jalapenos and the creaminess of cheese and you’ve got yourself one heck of an appetizer. The sky really is the limit on what you can put into these. Take this latest batch… Continue reading Mexican Chorizo ABT’s