Twice Baked Potatoes (On The Grill)

     This post won’t be so much as recipe, rather it will be a guide on how to cook twice baked potatoes on your grill. Why would you want to cook twice baked potatoes on the grill? Why not? Actually, there are a few good reasons why you would want to. One being we are… Continue reading Twice Baked Potatoes (On The Grill)

Texas Tri-Tip

Texas Tri-Tip      Down here in Texas, we don’t stumble upon tri-tip very often. I’m not sure if it’s a conspiracy with the meat packing industry to ship all available tri-tips to California, or if our butchers just cut it up differently (often times it is ground up into hamburger or cubed up and sold as soup/stew… Continue reading Texas Tri-Tip

Turkey Tetrazzini

     I screwed up. Big time. Just have to start out saying that. You see, we can’t get pictures off the hard drive of our camera. I think somehow the port is messed up. So we use a SD Card to save and transfer pictures from our camera to our computer. Well, the other night,… Continue reading Turkey Tetrazzini

Smoked Cajun Turkey

     Last year, right before Thanksgiving I got a FREE 18.5 lb turkey. Yeah, you read that right…FREE! I hadn’t planned on it. I wasn’t expecting it. It was one of those promotional deals where you go to store and spend X amount of dollars and you get a free turkey. Honestly, I wasn’t even… Continue reading Smoked Cajun Turkey

Kitchen Tip #1 – Saucy Icecubes

Do you ever find that you have made too much spaghetti sauce? Maybe your recipe feeds 4 to 6 and you are eating alone or with just your significant other. Maybe somebody cancelled on your dinner plans. In our case, we make (or sometimes buy when we’re being lazy) sauce for our pizzas. The recipe (or… Continue reading Kitchen Tip #1 – Saucy Icecubes