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I have been ‘cueing for many years and I can tell you there have been some great successes and some total failures., but that’s part of barbecue….experimenting time and time again, searching for that elusive, perfect recipe or technique. In that quest, I have  acquired quite a few barbecue cookbooks and stumbled on quite a few web pages that have help me hone my skills. This page is to showcase some of those that I have found to be the most helpful.



Yeah…..I might have a problem….a barbecue cookbook problem. Especially if you consider that this isn’t even all of my barbecue cookbooks (just the ones I most often use), let alone all the other cookbooks we have that are not barbecue related.


11 thoughts on “Resources and Links

  1. Came across your blog when searching for a Beer Can Turkey recipe prepared on a Big Green Egg. Scanned your other recipes and became an instant follower. Noticed that the other recipes provide detailed directios but the Beer Can Turkey recipe was written more like a story and is not very clear (time, additional charcoal and perhaps period bastings are omitted to described a few). Perhaps it’s just me. Still looking forward to following you.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, Rodney. I had to go back and re-read the Beer Can Turkey post to see what you were talking about. If you notice, I posted that in November, but in the beginning of the post, I talk about how I made it for the Superbowl earleir that year. That might be why I wrote it as more of a story. I had the pictures and had limited notes on what I did and how I cooked it (luckily I keep notes on my cooks). It took 3 hours (even though I had planned for 15 minutes a lb or 4 hours for this bird). No additional charcoal was needed. Eggs burn through charcoal so slowly (‘ve done 18+ hour cooks and never had to add more). No basting was done. Sorry for the confusion. Hope you keep following me in the future.

  2. We’re SO anxious to try your venison jalapeno cheese sausage, but can’t find anything to tell us what goes in to “Cure #1”!!!!

  3. Hi, Just wondering about that awesome excel sheet you have for the venison sausage?! My neighbors and myself are doing our own venison sausage making weekend coming up and would like to try an new recipe!

    1. Jason can you forward me your sausage excel spreadsheet you’ve mentioned in previous recipes please sir. Getting into processing my own deer and so far I’m in for 2K, thanks to a shopping spree at Cabelas!! I’ve questioned my decision several times since last friday, haha

  4. Griffin
    I saw your message about ten50 in Richardson. While Chili’s is a giant company today, it is not the same as the early years where we did everything from scratch with all fresh product.
    The ribs were added after I left the company. Please give us a try at ten50 when we open this summer.
    It will be all fresh wood smoked meats.
    Thank you

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