Shrimp Stir Fry

     Like a kid with a new toy, I had to break out the wok again last night (what am I saying? I am a kid with a new toy). It went so well the other night, we just had to have stir fry again last night.        We did make a few changes, though.… Continue reading Shrimp Stir Fry

Stir Fry on the Big Green Egg

 In an effort to try to eat healthier (and after seeing some really cool stir fries frys (?) that people have done on the Egg forums), last week we ordered a wok and a spider from The Ceramic Grill Store  (great guy and excellent customer service). Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to play around with it until last night. Mrs. G found… Continue reading Stir Fry on the Big Green Egg

Asian Inspired Cedar Planked Salmon

The other day, Wednesday I think it was, somebody, can’t remember who, had a post on with some salmon. It looked so good and reminded me that Mrs. G and I keep saying we are going to try to eat more fish. So after work, I was off to Central Market to find some… Continue reading Asian Inspired Cedar Planked Salmon