Brined and Grilled Shrimp

     A few weeks ago, I caught an old episode of Good Eats entitled Crustacean Nation (look for the video embedded at the end of the post). This episode focused on shrimp cocktail, but what really caught my attention was the brine. We’ve brined chicken and turkey and pork chops, why not shrimp? The idea… Continue reading Brined and Grilled Shrimp

Red Eye Express Pork Chops on the BGE

Stacie and I usually don’t cook a lot of pork chops. I’m not real sure why, but it just never occurs to us. Sunday, though, I got a craving for pork chops. We had to make a run to the store anyway, so I thought I would stop by the butcher and see what he had… Continue reading Red Eye Express Pork Chops on the BGE