Cross One Off The Bucket List

I’ll admit it….I have a bucket list of food. Some of it are fancy places I would like to go like The French Laundry or Jean Georges or WD-50. Some are simpler places like Snow’s BBQ in Texas or Katz Deli (I’ve never been to NYC) or Drago’s in NOLA for their grilled oysters (we missed it… Continue reading Cross One Off The Bucket List

Kasewurst – My First Attempt @ Making Sausage

This weekend, I tried my hand at making my first batch of sausage. I decided to make Kasewurst, a cheese sausage that has many variations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The original recipe I had for this was supposed to resemble a cured Bratwurst with the addition of cheese cubes and is similar to one… Continue reading Kasewurst – My First Attempt @ Making Sausage

How to Roll a Fattie

     A few people have asked me for some more information on how I made the fatties at the Plano Outlaw Eggfest, so that’s what I am going to attempt to do here. I am not taking credit for inventing this, I’m not sure who did, but it has been floating around the BBQ Forums… Continue reading How to Roll a Fattie


I wasn’t originally going to post about my attempt at empanadas because I didn’t “bake” it in my Egg. After working all day, making a stop by the grocery store, mowing the yard and having a severe allergy attack, going outside to light the Egg and cook on it really didn’t sound appealing to me. Yesterday, I… Continue reading Empanadas