Chili and Polenta Casserole

     I’m sure that like many of you, when the weather starts getting colder, chili starts popping up on the menu. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chili,  but have you ever made TOO much chili? I don’t mind eating chili a few days in a row. Sometimes, we turn it into Frito pie or chili dogs… Continue reading Chili and Polenta Casserole

White Chicken Chili

     I want to start off by introducing myself.  I am Mrs. G!  I know many of you have heard of me but not from me.  And no, Jason was not making me up…I’m real.  I am Mr. G’s silent partner in the food blogging world.  So how did he get me to do a… Continue reading White Chicken Chili

Western Casserole

     This is no fancy pants recipe, no hoighty toighty cuisine. Just a simple dish, but to me it speaks of childhood. Of days long since passed, but not forgotten. I remember coming home from soccer practice in the fall, after it was dark outside and there was a chill in the air from the cold front… Continue reading Western Casserole


I wasn’t originally going to post about my attempt at empanadas because I didn’t “bake” it in my Egg. After working all day, making a stop by the grocery store, mowing the yard and having a severe allergy attack, going outside to light the Egg and cook on it really didn’t sound appealing to me. Yesterday, I… Continue reading Empanadas