Grilled Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

     I grew up in a little city down on the Texas coast called Corpus Christi. Spent most of my life there, within 10 minutes of the Gulf. I even went back for 4 or 5 years after college. And somehow, in all that time, I never learned how to fish! Seems like a shame now, especially considering how much Mrs. G and I like seafood, not that there is anywhere in Dallas to fish….at least not that I would eat. So now I just do most of my “fishing” at Central Market.

     To continue on with our healthy eating this week, Mrs. G and I both agreed that we wanted some seafood. So after work, I headed up to my “local fishing” spot to see what I could find. Salmon? No, been doing that too much lately. Tilapia? Boring. Catfish? Never been a big fan. Red snapper? Too expensive. That’s when I spotted some rainbow trout. Haven’t had that in years and the price was good. Fish looked good and didn’t have that fishy smell. Done!

Prepping the Trout

      We kept it pretty simple last night as far as seasoning. Some salt and pepper, a few slices of lemon, some thyme and a little bit of rosemary. (We grow our own rosemary BTW, and when spring rolls around I’m going to try to grow some other herbs as well as our usual peppers, but I digress). I can’t seem to leave things alone, so mine also got a sprinkling of Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk. What can I say? I like a lil bit of heat.

On the BGE

      The fish went on to my Big Green Egg, which was preheated to 400 F along with some apple wood chips to give it a little smoke flavor. We also tossed in some zucchini that was seasoned up simple with some salt and pepper.

Halfway done

      Somewhere I read that you want to cook rainbow trout to about 135. Not sure if that is correct or not. I’ve also heard to cook fish until its flakey, although another source says that if its flakey, it’s already overdone. I really don’t know. We let this fish cook for about 8 to 10 minutes, flipping it halfway through, and to us it seemed done. (And I’m writing this up the following morning with no ill effects and I’m still alive, so it must have been ok, lol).

Plated Up

      Not my best plated up picture, but oh well. I’ll  blame it on still being just a little bit sick, how’s that? We served it up along with some of my wife’s rice. She’s been playing around with using different amounts of chicken stock when making the rice, so it gives it a little extra flavor, but doesn’t make it too salty. She also threw in a few sprigs of thyme. The rice turned out really good, and went well the fish. The fish was very tender and had a mild taste. It would be good for those who are just starting to eat fish, but don’t like a strong fishy flavor (that sounded really weird to me after saying it, does it make sense?). There was a hint of smoke, but could have used more. Next time, I think I will add more apple wood chips. It’s such a quick cook, that if you want a smokey flavor, I think you need to have a handful or more to start with. I probably shouldn’t have added the lil bit of Jamaican Firewalk to mine as it gave it quite a bit of heat and I think over powered the fish. Should have stuck to simple. Overall, I think it was a pretty good meal, and I think it’s going to start going into our rotation as we continue to try to eat a lil bit healthier.

Happy Friday, I hope everybody has a great weekend and get out there and fire up that grill or smoker and cook something up! Everything tastes better over a lil fire!



First Cook At The New House


First cook at new house


I would like to apologize for the lack of new posts lately. As some of you may know, last week we moved into a new house. And before that was Thanksgiving, so even though we’ve been cooking a bit, it was nothing to blog about.  (I’d also like to apologize for the pictures in this post. They were all from my phone as I couldn’t find our camera.)

For the most part, I think the move went pretty well. This time we actually hired movers and they had us loaded into the truck and unloaded in just under 3 hours! Way faster than we would have been able to do it even with friends and family helping. So now all we have to do is get unpacked and settled in.

Here’s a couple of things about the new house that I think are just too cool.

Spice Rack

 No more digging around in the cabinet looking for spices. This pull out swivel spice rack is going to make things so much easier.

Easy to find BBQ spices

Our new pantry has swivel doors providing much more storage space than I thought would be possible given the size.


 And finally a place to store all my “Eggcessories”

Bodi and Olie Checking Out The Shed

 Now, we have a nice covered (and lit) patio to hang out on and grill some grub. Not a big fan of the astro turf, but oh well.


  Unfortunately, everything did not go as well as planned. We bought a new fridge from Sears over 3.5 weeks ago and had scheduled to have it arrive on Friday, the day before we officially were to move in. Thursday night, Sears calls and confirms the delivery and even gives us a 2 hour window of when they were going to show up. Friday morning rolls around and I get a call at 7:30 AM and guess what…..they won’t be able to make the delivery! And the earliest they can make it is Sunday! I was livid! After much bitching and yelling, I was able to get the delivery charge waived, but that was all. Needless to say, I will not be buying from Sears again no matter how good their sale is. So with no fridge, we had to improvise.

Redneck Ice Chest

 For the first cook, I just kept it simple, since we had such a busy morning. I decided to go with chicken thighs as it’s an easy and quick cook. Four of them got rubbed down with Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk ( a jerk inspired rub) and six of them got Cluck and Squeal’s All Purpose Rub. They went on to the Egg which was preheated to 400 on a raised grate using mesquite for smoke.

Firewalk to the left, Cluck and Squeal to the right

 Got a little busy and the chicken got a little higher than we usually go, but even at 180, chicken off the egg remains pretty juicy. (not to mention I like to cook dark meat a bit higher than the 165 I usually go to on white meat)

Chicken is done

 The chicken was served up with some macaroni salad, blue cheese potato salad and some chips and dips. Didn’t get any plated pictures as we were hungry and in the middle of the Baylor vs. UT game.

Now that we are in the new house, I’ll do my best to try to get back to posting more cooks. Thanks for looking and don’t forget to leave a comment.