Smoke Signals: The Future of Grilled Meats

What trends do we expect to see in the world of BBQ in 2012? I found this to be an interesting read about what some people expect to see coming in the future.

I believe we’ll see more people buying ceramic/kamado type grills like the Big Green Egg, Primo or Kamado Joe. I see think more people will start integrating technology into their grilling/smoking by using products like the Maverick E-732 to monitor their temperatures and pit controllers like the Auber Instruments, Diqi Q or Stoker to keep their fires in check.

I think we’ll also see a change in the food we are cooking. With the droughts going on and the price of beef about to sky-rocket, I think we’ll see less brisket being cooked. Cooks will also begin to explore more local fruits and veggies and begin cooking things in season. Expect to see more people branching out and trying ethnic cooks from around the world as well.

So what do you think? How do you expect to see the world of BBQ change in 2012? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments.