Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Or Cinco de Drinko as its sometimes called. We’ve got my parents and my brother and his girlfriend coming over in awhile for dinner. Some fajitas, some borracho beans, queso, quacamole and some Spanish rice. But in the meantime, why not sit back and have a drink and relax a bit? These are called Dosaritas….or maybe its Dos-a-ritas. I’m not sure. Does it really matter? I call them wonderful.

One for me and one for Mrs. G!

These aren’t hard to make. I guess you could do it all with fresh ingredients and stuff, but we don’t. Just get those Bacardi Mixers that are in the frozen juice section of your grocery store. Follow the directions, but use about 1/2 a can of tequila and 1/4 can of Triple Sec. Blend up the margarita, pour into a salt rimmed glass and invert your beer.

The beer really cuts down on the sweetness of the margarita. What a combination! Now go sit outside and enjoy the day and pretend you are in Mexico, on a beach somewhere, with your toes in the sand.

Relax and enjoy!