Barbecue Pork and Pepper Jack Twice-Baked Potatoes

     So, you smoked too much pulled pork? I don’t call that bad planning. Hell, I call that good planning!! You went through all that effort and time to cook the perfect pulled pork, who wouldn’t want some for leftovers? Truth be told, if I’m going through all that effort to cook a pork butt,… Continue reading Barbecue Pork and Pepper Jack Twice-Baked Potatoes

Crawfish Boil

     Crawfish season is here!! And has been for a while, this is just our first home made batch this year. One of my favorite seasonal foods. You may call them crawfish, or crayfish or even mudbugs. Me? I just call them good. This post is going to be more about technique than it is about… Continue reading Crawfish Boil

Grilled Potato Packets

     Looking for a simple and easy side dish to grill up? Look no further than potato packets. Slice, chop, wrap and grill. How easy is that? If you were ever a Boy Scout, then these probably look similar to the Hobo Packs, but these are a side dish and don’t have any protein in them.… Continue reading Grilled Potato Packets

Twice Baked Potatoes (On The Grill)

     This post won’t be so much as recipe, rather it will be a guide on how to cook twice baked potatoes on your grill. Why would you want to cook twice baked potatoes on the grill? Why not? Actually, there are a few good reasons why you would want to. One being we are… Continue reading Twice Baked Potatoes (On The Grill)