Flame Boss Pit Controller – Unboxing

     Back in October out of the blue, I was contacted by Michael Collins of Flame Boss. Hi, I am the manufacturing a new product, Flame Boss, a temperature controller that works with BGE. Would you be interested in reviewing it? I welcome your honest feedback.”      I had never heard of Flame Boss before,… Continue reading Flame Boss Pit Controller – Unboxing

Super Chicken Shit: A Seasoning Review

     You may have figured out that Mrs. G sometimes goes out of town for work. She’s got two busy seasons, one in January and one at the end of July/beginning of August. In simplest terms, she goes to “shows” to sell her companies products to stores. One of the cool things is she gets to… Continue reading Super Chicken Shit: A Seasoning Review

A Review of Big Al’s Texas Rubs

      Stacie and I had the pleasure of meeting Big Al this past weekend at the Plano Outlaw Eggfest. Although he claimed he did not own a Big Green Egg, he and his wife were cooking up a storm and putting out some pretty tasty food. Big Al is a quite a character, a very… Continue reading A Review of Big Al’s Texas Rubs