Sous Vide Ribeye Steaks

So two weeks back….God, has it been that long already?…. I lost my cousin in a sky diving accident. He was ex Army Ranger, a sky dive instructor and part of a sky dive team. They had done a formation and coming into the landing, somebody was out of place. My cousin had the last… Continue reading Sous Vide Ribeye Steaks

More Cooks on the MINI Egg

It’s been a busy week at our casa. Not much cooking on the Eggs. Just wanted to share these pics with you today of some things we did do earlier this week. Man can’t live on meat alone. Gotta have some veggies in his diet. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and we’ll be back… Continue reading More Cooks on the MINI Egg

Family Dinner – Ribeyes

      Friday night, we had a little family dinner over at my parents house. Momma G had bought some lovely ribeyes for the occasion. Knowing what was going to come, I came armed with a batch of spices so that everybody could flavor up their own steaks. When my Mom pulled the 6 steaks out of… Continue reading Family Dinner – Ribeyes