Spiced Salmon Kebabs

     Kebab or kabob? I’ve often wondered which was the correct spelling. To me, it seemed like kabob was a Western spelling of the word. No real reason for that, just how I felt. Looking around this morning, I also found it spelled as kebap and kabab. It seems the word kebab is derived from… Continue reading Spiced Salmon Kebabs

Grilled Salmon with Smoky Tomato Salsa

     I don’t always cook the healthiest of meals….SHOCKER!! Right? If you’ve been following along here for any amount of time, you’ve probably figured that out by now. Well, I’ve decided that I am going to try and incorporate more healthy food in my diet. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to indulge myself… Continue reading Grilled Salmon with Smoky Tomato Salsa

Pesto-Crusted Salmon

 Mrs. G and I love salmon, but sometimes we get bored with it and want to shake it up a little bit. We were discussing what to do with it, when Mrs. G suggested pesto-crusted salmon. I had never had it before and had some doubts, but she said she had and it was good, so full… Continue reading Pesto-Crusted Salmon

New Years @ The Ranch, Part 1

     We decided to get out of the city this year for New Year’s and celebrate it instead with close friends and family down at the in-law’s ranch outside of Goliad. Plan was for lots of BBQ, beer, guns and fireworks. Little did we know that county was in a burn ban and there were… Continue reading New Years @ The Ranch, Part 1

Asian Inspired Cedar Planked Salmon

The other day, Wednesday I think it was, somebody, can’t remember who, had a post on GreenEggers.com with some salmon. It looked so good and reminded me that Mrs. G and I keep saying we are going to try to eat more fish. So after work, I was off to Central Market to find some… Continue reading Asian Inspired Cedar Planked Salmon