A New Approach to Steak and Another Birthday!!

     I can’t believe that Griffin’s Grub is turning two years old! I am soooo excited! Technically, it’s not till tomorrow (Aug 31st), but I’ve got too much to do this weekend to do a post on a Saturday. Anyway, what better way to celebrate a birthday than with steak?      There has been a lot… Continue reading A New Approach to Steak and Another Birthday!!

Flat Iron Steak Salad w/ a Horseradish Dressing

       We’ve got another healthy recipe for you. Or a semi-healthy one, anyway. Are you getting sick of healthy recipes? Even though this one includes beef and grilling? I know salads get boring…trust me. I’ve been eating enough of them. If you have to eat a salad, why not make it a manly salad… Continue reading Flat Iron Steak Salad w/ a Horseradish Dressing

More Cooks on the MINI Egg

It’s been a busy week at our casa. Not much cooking on the Eggs. Just wanted to share these pics with you today of some things we did do earlier this week. Man can’t live on meat alone. Gotta have some veggies in his diet. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and we’ll be back… Continue reading More Cooks on the MINI Egg

Just a Simple Steak Dinner

Hey! It’s me! I’m still alive. Hope you weren’t getting worried about the lack of posts. I’m a little bit embarrassed that it has been almost 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything. That’s kind of a long time for us, but I do have some excellent good reasons. For starters, my allergies (I’m guessing its… Continue reading Just a Simple Steak Dinner

New Years @ The Ranch, Part 1

     We decided to get out of the city this year for New Year’s and celebrate it instead with close friends and family down at the in-law’s ranch outside of Goliad. Plan was for lots of BBQ, beer, guns and fireworks. Little did we know that county was in a burn ban and there were… Continue reading New Years @ The Ranch, Part 1

Argentinian Flank Steak

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted up anything new here or even cooked anything. We’ve been pretty busy lately. We took a short trip to Vegas and then after returning home, less than 10 hours later we had to jump on another plane and fly to Corpus Christi to attend a funeral. So we’ve been on… Continue reading Argentinian Flank Steak