Smoked Cajun Turkey Breast Lunchmeat

Smoked Cajun Turkey Breast
Smoked Cajun Turkey Breast

     Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a package of lunchmeat? Truth be told, I haven’t, but I’m sure if I did, it would be scary. I’m sure they are filled with additives and preservatives and chemicals that you can’t pronounce. If you want, I’ll wait here while you go check.

     I know I should probably care, but honestly, I didn’t really make this turkey breast for health reasons. No…I made it ‘cuz I got a MEAT SLICER! And like a kid with a new toy, I just had to play with it. I guess I could also justify it by saying its cheaper than buying lunchmeat as well.

The Egg was set up for an indirect cook using apple wood chips for smoke.
The Egg was set up for an indirect cook using apple wood chips for smoke.


  • boneless turkey breast
  • Tony Chachere’s Injectables (I used their Butter and Jalapeno for an extra kick)
  • Dizzy Pig Swamp Venom or other Cajun seasoning
1 hour in
1 hour in


  1. Set up your grill or smoker for an indirect cook. Temperature isn’t really that important, but it will affect the time it takes to cook your turkey breast. You can run it anywhere from 250-400.
  2. Inject your turkey breast, rub it down with your Cajun seasoning and then place on your grill. If you are using wood chips (or chunks), add them at this point. I suggest a light wood like apple or cherry as turkey absorbs smoke readily.
  3. Smoke your turkey until it reaches an internal temperature of 160F (mine took and hour and a half)
  4. Remove turkey and loosely tent with aluminum foil. The temperature will continue to rise to 165.
  5. After about 30 minutes, you can take a taste (for quality control purposes, of course). You can now slice your turkey, but it will slice better if you allow it to sit in the refrigerator and completely cool.
  6. Build a sandwich and congratulate yourself on a job well done.
Finished and resting before slicing.
Finished and resting before slicing.

If your turkey breast was encased in netting, make sure to remove it before slicing your lunchmeat.

Sliced and ready to build sandwiches.
Sliced and ready to build sandwiches.

     We actually waited until the following morning to slice our turkey breast. Why do I say “we”? I should just say “me”. I’m not sure what Mrs. G was doing, but she was busy, hence the lack of any action shots of the turkey being sliced.

     While I have not constructed a monster sandwich out of the lunchmeat yet, I did manage to snag a few slices of it for quality control purposes and let me tell you it, it is far superior than any that you will be able to find at your grocery store. The hint of smoke from the apple wood, the spice and heat from the injection and the rub. So tasty and sliced paper thin…perfect for building giant subs with.  I’m going to have some good lunches this week. So what are you taking for lunch this week? 😉


7 thoughts on “Smoked Cajun Turkey Breast Lunchmeat

    1. I wish I could tell you, but this post is over 6 years old. I mentioned you could go anywhere from 250-400F. Seeing as how turkey doesn’t have all the connective tissues like a brisket or a pork shoulder, I don’t think it really needs the traditional low and slow 250F. If I was doing it today, I’d probably shoot for 350-400F, just depending on how quickly you want it done.

      1. Thanks for the reply…I realized after I posted how old the original thread was. I’ve used a lot of your recipes so figured it couldnt hurt to ask. I’m intending on cooking some turkey legs with the boneless breast and almost every recipe I’ve seen for the legs calls for about 300-325 temp…so sounds like I’ll be fine with that temp for everything….thanks again for responding

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